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Life Sciences - Feb 29

A team of researchers at Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, led by professor Steven R. Laviolette, is redefining our understanding of nicotine's impact on the adolescent brain. With a $1.4-million project grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the team is studying the neurotoxic effects of nicotine - focusing on its intake via e-cigarettes and vapes - and exploring its link to mood and anxiety disorders among youth.

Life Sciences - Feb 28

President Alan Shepard in conversation with professors Lisa Saksida and Ravi Menon on the latest advances in neuroscience and cognition    Researchers at Western are at the forefront of unraveling the mysteries of the human b

Health - Feb 26

Canada has been experiencing an increasing number of syphilis diagnoses since 2016 .

Astronomy & Space

An international team, including Western astrophysicists Els Peeters and Jan Cami , has shed light on the destruction and re-formation of a large quan

Environment - Feb 21

Ivey Sustainable Finance Lab research calls for valuing biodiversity, creating inclusive financial infrastructure in agriculture In a new report, rese

Environment - Feb 15

Western Sustainable Impact Fund supports first cohort of projects led by faculty, staff and students Nina Zitani opens a nondescript grey locker to reveal tightly packed drawers.

Psychology - Feb 14

Valentine's Day means the stores are filled with hearts and chocolate and florists are rushing to fill orders. But beyond cards and candy, what factors make for a strong relationship that lasts?  Why do some relationships break down and others flourish?

Astronomy & Space

Western professor Sarah Gallagher in astronomers' team which examined space telescope images of stars being born Galaxy collisions do not destroy star

Health - Feb 27

A new study shows oxygenation levels in the placenta, formed during the last three months of fetal development, are an important predictor of cortical

Astronomy & Space

Western researcher part of team that found a unique signature of a star ingesting surrounding planets and asteroids When a star like our Sun reaches t

Health - Feb 23

Western study finds children in marginalized communities more likely to experience cardiac arrests A new study shows children living in marginalized c

Physics - Feb 15

Researchers Hamidreza Abdolvand and Samantha Gateman are studying safe production and used fuel storage for small modular reactors Small modular react

Astronomy & Space

A study led by astrobiologist Catherine Neish for Western University shows the subsurface ocean of Titan - the largest moon of Saturn - is most likely a non-habitable environment, meaning any hope of finding life in the icy world is dead in the water.

Health - Feb 14

Team led by researchers from Western, St. Michael's Hospital and U of T finds deficient vessel repair a major factor A new study involving rese

Environment - Feb 8

Study of winter road salt tests multiple formulations against a variety of metals for performance, cost and harmful impacts The crunch of salt underfoot and the stain on your winter boots is all part of a typical Canadian winter.