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Location: Göttingen
Aula am Wilhelmsplatz, Wilhelmspl. 1, 37073 Göttingen

Physics - Jun 17
Research team led by the University of Göttingen investigates surface magnetisation The surface of a material often has properties that are very different from the properties within the material. For example, a non-conducting crystal, which actually exhibits no magnetism, can show magnetisation restricted to its surface because of the way the atoms are arranged there.
Sport - Jun 15

Göttingen University sports sociologist analyses false statements from professional cyclists How do top athletes talk about doping when they themselves are using performance-enhancing drugs? Or do they just avoid the issue? A new study by the University of Göttingen reveals that any decision to use drugs almost inevitably means the decision to engage in deceptive communication such as lying or omitting information.

Environment - Jun 9

Researchers led by G öttingen University examine the long-term results of an experiment from more than 40 years ago

Chemistry - Jun 7

Research team led by the University of Göttingen develops new strategy for labelling peptides

Chemistry - May 27

Team from University of Göttingen and the Hereon present new research strategies   A new class of membranes has the potential to deliver highly interesting applications both in biotechnology and in water purification.

Life Sciences - May 25
Life Sciences

German Research Foundation reconfirms support for Göttingen CRCs

Environment - May 17

Joint project including Göttingen University observes reduced plant species richness and declining diversity of associated insects

Environment - Jun 15

Research team from the Universities of Kassel, Göttingen and Kurdistan investigate this form of local nature conservation

Physics - Jun 8

Holographic 'movie' of bubbles and high-pressure shockwave created by research team led by Göttingen University

Earth Sciences - May 31
Earth Sciences

Researchers from the Universities of Göttingen, Cologne and Ĺrhus calculate the water temperatures of the first oceans

Computer Science - May 26

Research project led by the University of Göttingen develops assessment method of information technology security for businesses

Health - May 18

Research project at Göttingen University investigates acceptance and effective use of coronavirus tracing apps

Life Sciences - May 11
Life Sciences

International research team led by Göttingen University investigates links between personality and vocal characteristics

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