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Record Attendance at Entrepreneurship Summer School

Campus - Jul 16

The University of Luxembourg Incubator and Entrepreneurship Programme celebrated a record-breaking turnout at its fifth International Summer School on Knowledge-Driven Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Over five enriching days, 49 visionary entrepreneurs-to-be from around the world converged in Marienthal, under the mentorship of renowned educator Prof. Ted Zoller, making this edition the most attended since its inception in 2018.

Politics - Jul 9

The rise of the far-right in Europe: understanding the political shift through research

Although the left-wing coalition of the New Popular Front won the early legislative elections in France this Sunday, the far-right, through the National Rally, nonetheless achieved the most significant breakthrough in its history. The shockwave that followed the European elections on June 9th continues to affect the political world across the old continent.

Health - Jul 5

COVID-19 at the university: A story that keeps unfolding

Early in the pandemic, scientists at the University of Luxembourg started to use their expertise to better understand the virus, its acute symptoms and longer-term consequences, and find effective responses against its propagation.

Health - Jun 24

A gut-on-chip device for personalised health solutions

The University and spin-off NIUM are reinforcing their relationship by signing a second license agreement, through which NIUM will further develop and use MicroGut technology, an in vitro gut-on-a-chip device conceived at

Law - Jun 19 hosts Harvard Law-school’s Vice-Dean Prof. Wilkins at LCEL

On 17 June 2024, the Luxembourg Centre for European Law (LCEL), in collaboration with the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance and the Harvard Club Association Luxembourg, had the distinct honour of hosting Professor Davi

Sport - Jun 13

Forecasting UEFA Euro 2024 with machine learning ensemble

As excitement builds up for the UEFA Euro 2024, data scientists predict highest winning chances for France, using refined machine learning.

Health - Jun 7

First Marie Speyer Grants awarded to outstanding women researchers

The Marie Speyer Excellence Grants were launched this year with a precise aim: to empower outstanding women to develop their research at the University.

Photovoltaic research shines at the Uni

They are popping up on roofs and car parks all'over the world: photovoltaic panels are becoming increasingly important in the race for renewable energy.

Food for thought: leveraging artificial intelligence for the agriculture of the future

As the world population is projected to reach over 8 billion people in 2030, one of the major societal challenges faced across the globe will be sufficient, safe, and sustainable food.

Transport - Jun 25

Enjoy the ride: self-driving tech made in Luxembourg

In the busy streets of Luxembourg, something exciting is happening. Scientists are working on perfecting autonomous driving, so that you and I can be chauffeured to work or school by a self-driving car.

Pedagogy - Jun 21

First lessons for la carte literacy teaching for school pupils

The pilot project offering a choice of literacy between French and German in mixed classes could potentially help to remedy educational inequalities in Luxembourg at the start of the school career, according to an interim rep

Innovation - Jun 17

A hydrogen valley to drive the use of green hydrogen in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has launched Luxembourg Hydrogen Valley (LuxHyVal), a project that targets the potential production of green hydrogen in Bascharage, south Luxembourg, in 2026.

Career - Jun 12

Minimum wage under the microscope

Up to five times more or less: that's how much the minimum wage varies between Bulgaria (477.04 euros) and Luxembourg (2,570.93 euros).

Environment - Jun 4

Protecting local communities from flash floods with the help ofAI

Nearly three years after devasting flash flooding caused significant death and damage in Germany and across Northwestern Europe, a new research initiative promises to build regional resilience in the face of climate change.

Life Sciences - May 23

Genetic risk scores for Parkinson’s for precision medicine approach

An interdisciplinary team from the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) at the University of Luxembourg, together with international collaborators, established that a combination of small variations in genes re