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Life Sciences - May 19, 2014
Life Sciences
The brains of bilingual people do not differ in their structure, but are capable of developing differentiated strategies according to the demands placed on them by particular contexts. Three studies with the same result: Jean-Marie Annoni and his group of researchers worked with perfect bilinguals from around Fribourg and Berne as well as with patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease in order to better understand the cerebral organisation of language, with a special interest in bilingualism.
Chemistry - May 16, 2014

Something went wrong when gluing something? No problem. Researchers have developed a polymer structure which is capable of reversibly gluing materials together using nothing but light.

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Life Sciences - 24.07
PhD in Drosophila Behavioral Circuit Neuroscience University of Fribourg
Life Sciences - 24.07
Postdoc position in Drosophila Behavioral Circuit Neuroscience University of Fribourg
Chemistry - 16.07
Laborantin/e en chimie University of Fribourg
Administration - 09.07
Geschäftsführer/in - Höhere/r Verwaltungssachbearbeiter/in University of Fribourg
Art and Design - 09.07
Technicien/ne en audiovisuel University of Fribourg
Computer Science - 09.07
PhD in Computer Science University of Fribourg

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