Engineering sciences

Researchers outsmarted EasyRide function on Swiss travel app

Transport - May 15

Experiments by ETH Zurich computer security researchers showed that smartphones can be manipulated to allow the owner to ride Swiss trains for free. The researchers also highlighted ways of curbing such misuse.

Mosaic grassland landscapes are the most beneficial

Agronomy & Food Science

Like forests, grassland provides numerous ecological, economic and social benefits. Researchers in the Swiss canton of Solothurn have investigated ways to maintain and improve these benefits.

This sound-suppressing silk can create quiet spaces


Researchers engineered a hair-thin fabric to create a lightweight, compact, and efficient mechanism to reduce noise transmission in a large room.

Field reality reshapes robotic design


In 2016, the BBC commissioned two reptilian robots from the BioRob laboratory for a documentary on the African wilderness. The scientists never imagined how testing the devices in the wild would change their approach to robotic design.

Microtechnics - Apr 30

Trotting robots reveal emergence of animal gait transitions


A four-legged robot trained with machine learning by researchers has learned to avoid falls by spontaneously switching between walking, trotting, and pronking - a milestone for roboticists as well as biologists interested in animal locomotion.

Microtechnics - Apr 18

An ink for 3D-printing flexible devices without mechanical joints


Researchers are targeting the next generation of soft actuators and robots with an elastomer-based ink for 3D printing objects with locally changing mechanical properties, eliminating the need for cumbersome mechanical joints.

Transport - May 8

Research casts new light on bike safety in the age of self-driving cars

Equipping self-driving cars with external displays which use coloured lights to communicate their next manoeuvre could help keep cyclists safe on the roads of the future, researchers say.

A better way to ride a motorcycle

Mechanical Engineering

Motorcycles are designed to accommodate the average-sized rider, leaving taller and shorter riders vulnerable to discomfort.

Transport - May 3

Walking in African cities can be a miserable experience

Dr Daniel Oviedo Hernandez (UCL Bartlett Development Planning Unit) argues that walking in African cities shouldn't be a miserable experience and urges city planners to design ways to make walking easier in collaboration with citizens in The Conversation.

Transport - Apr 24

Virtual Sensors Help Aerial Vehicles Stay Aloft When Rotors Fail

No crystal ball is needed to envision a future that engineers have in mind, one in which air taxis and other flying vehicles ferry passengers between urban locations, avoiding the growing gridlock on the ground below.

Microtechnics - Apr 11

How to have a more natural conversation with a robot


New Waterloo Engineering-led research quickens the response time for robots to react to human conversation Talking to a robot often feels stilted or d