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Electroengineering - Jul 3
Researchers have built an ultrafast chip that can speed up data transmission in fibre optic networks. The chip combines several innovations at the same time and, given the growing demand for streaming and online services, represents a significant development.
Electroengineering - Jun 29

UCLA bioengineers have designed a glove-like device that can translate American Sign Language into English speech in real time though a smartphone app. The ir research is published Electronics.

Electroengineering - Jun 22

A new technique that synchronises the clocks of computers in under a billionth of a second can eliminate one of the hurdles for the deployment of all-optical networks, potentially leading to more efficient data centres, according to a new study led by UCL and Microsoft.

Transport - Jun 22

Additional data boosts accuracy of tracking other cars, pedestrians - For safety's sake, a self-driving car must accurately track the movement of pedestrians, bicycles and other vehicles around it. Training those tracking systems may now be more effective thanks to a new method developed at Carnegie Mellon University.

Microtechnics - Jun 23

A navigation algorithm developed at the University of Zurich enables drones to learn challenging acrobatic maneuvers. Autonomous quadcopters can be trained using simulations to increase their speed, agility and efficiency, which benefits conventional search and rescue operations.

Electroengineering - Jun 22

In the not-too-distant future, flexible electronics will open the door to new products like foldable phones, tablets that can be rolled, paper-thin displays and wearable sensors that monitor health data.

Mechanical Engineering - Jun 19

Engineers have devised a model to describe how, in the process of establishing wind farms, interactions between developers and landowners affect energy production costs. Wind farms are large, highly technical projects but their development often relies on personal decisions made by individual landowners and small communities.

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Mechanical Engineering - 02.07
Postdoctoral Research Fellow / Research Officer University of Queensland
Agronomy/Food Science - 01.07
Postdoc at the Dairy Process Technology Group University of Copenhagen
Mechanical Engineering - 24.06
Juniorprofessur für ’Raumfahrtantriebe’ (W1 Tenure Track nach W2) Technische Universität Carolo-Wilhelmina zu Braunschweig
Mechanical Engineering - 29.06
POST-DOC (H/F) en contrôle d’écoulement turbulent CNRS, Poitiers
Environment - 03.07
Research Fellow in Hydraulics University of Southampton
Mechanical Engineering - 02.07
Research Fellow in Experimental Solid Mechanics University of Southampton
Agronomy/Food Science - 28.05
Post-Doctoral Associate University of Maryland
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