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Linguistics / Literature - 15.10.2021
Diversity of UK’s population is not reflected in school library books
To mark International School Library Month, new research has been released which highlights that the diversity of the UK's population is not currently reflected by school library books, which leaves BAME children feeling underrepresented and can affect their self-esteem.

Campus - Mathematics - 15.10.2021
Metal forming to be cleaner and greener thanks to UKRI fellowship
Dr Ed Brambley at the University of Warwick has been awarded a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship to investigate how mathematics might make metal forming cleaner and greener There is an industrial need f

Health - Research Management - 15.10.2021
Contraceptive pill can reduce type 2 diabetes risk in women with polycystic ovary syndrome, finds study
A study led by the University of Birmingham has revealed for the first time that the contraceptive pill can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by over a quarter in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The research findings also show that women with PCOS have twice the risk of developing type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes (dysglycemia) - highlighting the urgent need to find treatments to reduce this risk.

Campus - Career - 15.10.2021

Life Sciences - Health - 15.10.2021
New system developed for rapid SARS-CoV-2 variant characterization and facilitated drug development
New system developed for rapid SARS-CoV-2 variant characterization and facilitated drug development
Researchers led by the Nobel Laureate Charles Rice of The Rockefeller University and Volker Thiel of the University of Bern and Institute of Virology and Immunology have developed a non-contagious model of SARS-CoV-2 that makes it easier, faster and safer to study the virus and new variants. In addition, the realistic model can be used to better test drugs.

Agronomy / Food Science - Environment - 15.10.2021

Health - Social Sciences - 15.10.2021

Life Sciences - 15.10.2021
Big differences found in male and female jojoba plant sex genes
The hot and dry desert environment has led to big genetic differences between male and female jojoba plants, a discovery which could boost jojoba production and shed light on how plants adapt to environmental stress.

Health - Life Sciences - 15.10.2021
A decade after gene therapy, children born with deadly immune disorder remain healthy
Over a decade ago, UCLA physician-scientists began using a pioneering gene therapy they developed to treat children born with a rare and deadly immune system disorder. They now report that the effects of the therapy appear to be long-lasting, with 90% of patients who received the treatment eight to 11 years ago still disease-free.

Economics / Business - Event - 15.10.2021

Physics - Materials Science - 15.10.2021
New nanowire architectures boost computers' processing power
New nanowire architectures boost computers' processing power
Valerio Piazza is creating new 3D architectures built from an inventive form of nanowire. His research aims to push the boundaries of miniaturization and pave the way to more powerful electronic devices.

Campus - 15.10.2021
University outreach programmes make significant progress towards Access and Participation targets
Almost 40% of incoming students meeting widening participation criteria came through Bath's outreach programmes.

Environment - 15.10.2021
'Wasteful steel-and-glass buildings fuel global climate injustice' - Bath climate expert
’Wasteful steel-and-glass buildings fuel global climate injustice’ - Bath climate expert
Professor of Zero Carbon Design David Coley calls for new ways of thinking about construction in All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group essay Last updated on Friday 15 October 2021 University o

Physics - Career - 15.10.2021
One year in, Q-NEXT quantum research center is going strong
It's been a fruitful first year for Q-NEXT.

Linguistics / Literature - Campus - 15.10.2021
Senior Crafts Science Fiction Tales About Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University Augustus "Gus" Saalfeld wants to give computers a better reputation in science fiction.

Health - Life Sciences - 15.10.2021
Counties with intervention measures, more hospitals experienced fewer COVID-19 deaths
Counties that banned in-person religious gatherings and those with a greater number of hospitals per capita were associated with a decreased case-fatality rate of COVID-19 during the pandemic's first wave, according to a new University of Michigan study.

Administration - Economics / Business - 14.10.2021

Environment - Campus - 14.10.2021

Health - 14.10.2021
Mito warriors: how T cell assassins reload their weapons to kill and kill again | University of Cambridge
Cambridge researchers have discovered how T cells - an important component of our immune system - are able keep on killing as they hunt down and kill cancer cells, repeatedly reloading their toxic weapons.

Social Sciences - Campus - 14.10.2021

Pedagogy - Campus - 14.10.2021

Astronomy / Space Science - 14.10.2021

Health - Pharmacology - 14.10.2021

Social Sciences - Health - 14.10.2021
Covid crisis reveals how schools are ’propping up a failing welfare state’
The pandemic has shown the extent to which families rely on schools for 'basic needs' such as access to an adequate supply of food and help in accessing other support services, highlights new UCL research.

Campus - 14.10.2021
Town Hall to launch whole community consultation on UCL Strategic Plan 2022-27
Sign up for hybrid Town Hall on Monday 1 November 2021, 2.30-3.30 with President & Provost, Dr Michael Spence.

Computer Science - 14.10.2021

Health - Social Sciences - 14.10.2021

Pharmacology - Health - 14.10.2021
Roche’s Gazyvaro shorter 90-minute infusion time approved in Europe for people with previously treated or untreated follicular lymphoma
Short duration infusion of Gazyvaro (obinutuzumab) is administered with a target infusion time of 90 minutes, compared to the current standard infusion time of approximately three to four hours Resul

Environment - 14.10.2021
Water plays a key role in reducing urban heat
Water plays a key role in reducing urban heat
Heatwaves and heavy local rainfall will increase with climate change, pushing traditional urban drainage systems to their limits.

Health - Environment - 14.10.2021
Climate action will improve health and save lives now and in the future
Environmental psychologist, Lorraine Whitmarsh, was one of the lead authors for today's climate report from the Academy of Medical Sciences and Royal Society.

Art and Design - Campus - 14.10.2021

Life Sciences - Campus - 14.10.2021
Biological Sciences Launches Immersive Work Experience and Corporate Affiliates Programs
Initiatives designed to cultivate a diverse talent pipeline of competitively trained biology students for the biotechnology and life sciences industries A bold new strategy designed to help UC San Di

Health - Pharmacology - 14.10.2021

Campus - Event - 14.10.2021
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