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Health - Pharmacology - 07:22

Astronomy / Space Science - Environment - 24.09.2023
The University of Manchester to receive and study sample of asteroid Bennu as part of NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission
The University of Manchester is to receive a sample from asteroid Bennu, which will help unveil secrets of our Solar System.

Health - Campus - 22.09.2023
Resilience Reflections #8: Reconsidering Human Resilience
Recognising the urgent need to respond to rapid societal and environmental change, resilience is one of the University of Twente's spearheads.

Innovation - Materials Science - 22.09.2023
It’s a technology jungle out there! Here’s some orientation
The new Technology Outlook of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW) showcases the most important findings of numerous Swiss experts from science and industry for a prosperous future. In the areas of Energy and Environment, Manufacturing Processes and Materials as well as Life Sciences, eleven scientists contributed to the identification of the most important trends and their impact on technology and society.

Health - Innovation - 22.09.2023
The informative talks ’Science and Beers’ are back within the framework of the Mediterranean Researchers’ Night
Researchers from the University of Valencia (UV), the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), the INCLIVA Health Research Institute, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the Foundation

Campus - Mechanical Engineering - 22.09.2023
New offer from the TU Ilmenau: Orientation for engineering studies
Starting in the upcoming winter semester 2023/24, the TU Ilmenau will offer orientation programs for students of engineering programs.

Career - 22.09.2023
Transforming the employer-employee relationship
Quebec's labour shortage is affecting compensation, bargaining strategies and union membership itself, according to Patrice Jalette, industrial relations professor at UdeM.

Environment - Materials Science - 22.09.2023
On the hunt for sustainable materials
PhD candidate Avni Singhal uses computational tools to help design new materials that address environmental challenges.

Astronomy / Space Science - 22.09.2023

Computer Science - Innovation - 22.09.2023

Economics - Computer Science - 22.09.2023
’Pangea’ study aims to modernize national test and training infrastructure
Lincoln Laboratory is developing a roadmap to streamline system acquisitions and facilitate connectivity across the Southwestern test ranges.

Campus - 21.09.2023

Health - Pharmacology - 21.09.2023
How new model boosts supply and lowers prices for generic drugs
First empirical evidence for Civica Rx, a health care utility, finds increased supply security and reduced costs for health systems, says study in NEJM Catalyst authored by two Cambridge Judge Business School academics.

Campus - 21.09.2023
UT launches new campaign to raise brand awareness
It is one of the major challenges for the University of Twente in the coming years: increasing brand awareness.

Health - Pharmacology - 21.09.2023
32'000 hospital admissions in Switzerland due to drug side effects
32’000 hospital admissions in Switzerland due to drug side effects
A joint study by the Universities of Lucerne and Zurich and the University Hospital Zurich and Swissmedic shows for the first time comprehensively how many people in Switzerland were admitted to hospital due to medication side effects. Despite the legal obligation, only a small proportion of these were reported in the eight-year observation center period.

Environment - 21.09.2023
Building with robots
Building with robots
Aiyu Zhu defended his PhD thesis cum laude at the Department of Built Environment on September 20th. Robots have the potential to take over heavy, repetitive, and dangerous construction tasks from humans.

Life Sciences - Health - 21.09.2023
Rosario Gil: ’In Valencia we are developing a system to fight the plague of the tiger mosquito with the Wolbachia bacteria’
Rosario Gil: "In Valencia we are developing a system to fight the plague of the tiger mosquito with the Wolbachia bacteria" Rosario Gil García is a professor at the University of Valencia (UV) in the

Astronomy / Space Science - Campus - 21.09.2023

Life Sciences - Health - 21.09.2023
World Alzheimer’s Day: How UCL academics are spearheading the fight against Alzheimer’s disease
Ten months ago, UCL's Professor Sir John Hardy hailed the Lecanemab trial as the "beginning of the end" for Alzheimer's disease, but this was just the start of a series of exciting developments - with UCL experts at the forefront.

Astronomy / Space Science - Microtechnics - 21.09.2023

Art and Design - Pedagogy - 21.09.2023

Environment - Research Management - 21.09.2023

Health - Computer Science - 21.09.2023
$4.5 million for three FRQS Dual Chairs in Artificial Intelligence and Health co-led by McGill researchers
The FRQS Dual AI Chairs Program supports research collaborations across disciplines in pursuit of the significant potential of AI to address some of humanity's greatest health challenges.

Environment - Life Sciences - 21.09.2023
Ecologist Anita Risch elected to the WSL directorate
On 21 September 2023, the ETH Board elected Anita Risch to the WSL Directorate. The ecologist and private lecturer at ETH Zurich researches the interactions and functions of animals, plants and soil organisms in ecosystems around the world.

Health - Life Sciences - 21.09.2023
Spotlight on... Professor Dennis Chan
Spotlight on... Professor Dennis Chan
This week, to mark World Alzheimer's Day, we meet Dennis Chan, Professor at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience.

Health - Life Sciences - 21.09.2023
COVID-19 could hold key to spotting viruses with pandemic potential
COVID-19 could hold key to spotting viruses with pandemic potential
Certain SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern are evolving to do a better job of shutting down human innate immune responses, according to new research from UCL, UCSF QBI and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 21.09.2023
SPHEREx Space Telescope Stays Cool in Basement at Caltech
NASA's SPHEREx space telescope has been tucked inside a custom-built chamber on and off for the past two months undergoing tests to prepare it for its two-year mission in space. SPHEREx , which stands for Spectro-Photometer for the History of the Universe, Epoch of Reionization and Ices Explorer, is set to launch into orbit around Earth no later than April 2025.

Health - Innovation - 21.09.2023
Student team among Collegiate Inventors Competition finalists
Student team among Collegiate Inventors Competition finalists
Johns Hopkins student entrepreneurs among Collegiate Inventors Competition finalists The team developed the Bronchosleeve, a novel catheter to improve a common chest surgery procedure A team of Johns

Social Sciences - Law - 21.09.2023

Astronomy / Space Science - Computer Science - 21.09.2023
Autonomous Systems Help NASA’s Perseverance Do More Science on Mars
A computer pilot helps NASA's six-wheeled geologist as it searches for rock samples that could be brought to Earth for deeper investigation.

Health - Innovation - 21.09.2023
James Fujimoto, Eric Swanson, and David Huang win Lasker Award
James Fujimoto, Eric Swanson, and David Huang win Lasker Award
Professor and two additional MIT affiliates honored for influential work on optical coherence tomography, which allows rapid detection of retinal disease, among other applications. The Lasker Foundation has named James Fujimoto '79, SM '81, PhD '84, the Elihu Thomson Professor in Electrical Engineering and principal investigator in the Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE), a recipient of the 2023 Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award for his groundbreaking work on optical coherence tomography.

Psychology - Health - 20.09.2023
Suppressing negative thoughts may be good for mental health after all
The commonly-held belief that attempting to suppress negative thoughts is bad for our mental health could be wrong, a new study from scientists at the University of Cambridge suggests. What we found runs counter to the accepted narrative Michael Anderson Researchers at the Medical Research Council (MRC) Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit trained 120 volunteers worldwide to suppress thoughts about negative events that worried them, and found that not only did these become less vivid, but that the participants' mental health also improved.

Administration - 20.09.2023
Speech from the throne not simpler, but more complex than in previous years
This year's speech from the throne was complexly worded once again, analysis by linguists Leo Lentz and Henk Pander Maat shows. It contained many complicated and unfamiliar words, phrases, and constructions.

Environment - 20.09.2023
No more disposable cups at UU
Utrecht University has decided to remove disposable cups from all coffee machines from 1 November. Specifically, this means that disposable cups will no longer come out of the coffee machines in the university's buildings.
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