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Paleontology - 19.08.2022

Astronomy / Space Science - Innovation - 19.08.2022
Lights on for Australia's first dark matter lab
Lights on for Australia’s first dark matter lab
Australia is set to play a leading role in the global hunt for mysterious dark matter, with the launch of a new lab in regional Victoria today.

Life Sciences - Innovation - 19.08.2022
A machine for sorting zebrafish eggs
A machine for sorting zebrafish eggs
Zebrafish eggs are among the most commonly used model organisms in genetic, developmental and toxicology research.

Innovation - 18.08.2022
'Tales from the future' - A new way forward for beer brewing
’Tales from the future’ - A new way forward for beer brewing
'Tales From the Future', a beer made in a recent collaboration between researchers at The University of Manchester Cloudwater Brew Co.

Campus - 18.08.2022
Do we have an unhealthy appetite for pie (charts)?
Do we have an unhealthy appetite for pie (charts)?
Summer series - Semester project. Three university students, as part of their critical data studies class, wrote a light-hearted yet instructive comic strip about perception biases in the presentation of data. The story starts with two artisan cheesemakers who are hauling their product to market when their carts - one horse-drawn, the other ox-drawn - collide.

Health - Law - 18.08.2022
When does a crisis end? Researchers receive funding to investigate
A University of Warwick expert in global health law is part of an international team exploring how we define the end of a crisis in a new project funded by the Wellcome Trust's new Discovery Award scheme.

Astronomy / Space Science - 18.08.2022

Economics / Business - Health - 18.08.2022

Linguistics / Literature - Campus - 18.08.2022

Life Sciences - Health - 18.08.2022

Health - 18.08.2022
First in the Nation: All San Diego Hospitals Now Accredited for Geriatric Emergency Care
Susan Nelson, a retired schoolteacher from San Diego, never thought she'd have to call 911 for herself.

Earth Sciences - Astronomy / Space Science - 18.08.2022
Surprise, Surprise: Subsurface Water on Mars Defies Expectations
Physics connects seismic data to properties of rocks and sediments A new analysis of seismic data from NASA's Mars InSight mission has revealed a couple of surprises. The first surprise: the top 300 meters of the subsurface beneath the landing site near the Martian equator contains little or no ice.

Health - Environment - 18.08.2022
Philanthropists Leo and Emma Zuckerman Support Revitalization of UC San Diego Emergency Department
Transformative donation to Emergency Department at Jacobs Medical Center will update care spaces, create a new staff wellness center and more W hen local residents Leo and Emma Zuckerman had need for

Health - Campus - 18.08.2022
From happiness to health care, undergraduate summer program inspires future data scientists
From happiness to health care, undergraduate summer program inspires future data scientists
What causes glacial periods to end? Can machine learning help make medical decisions? Can money buy happiness? These were among the questions studied during the 2022  Summer Undergraduate Data Scienc

Environment - Earth Sciences - 18.08.2022

Physics - 17.08.2022
How a UCLA team smashed government targets for hydrogen fuel cell performance
How a UCLA team smashed government targets for hydrogen fuel cell performance
Vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells, which emit only water vapor, are one of our best potential alternatives to pollution-spewing traditional automobile engines, which account for 30% of all carbon emissions in the United States.

Psychology - 17.08.2022
Back to school: Transitioning back to in-person interactions
For many kids, returning to school in the fall can be a challenge. This year, our reliance on technology for interaction during the COVID-19 pandemic might be complicating things further when it comes to a return to in-person learning, according to UCLA Health psychologists.

Earth Sciences - Astronomy / Space Science - 17.08.2022
Risk of volcano catastrophe 'a roll of the dice', say experts
Risk of volcano catastrophe ’a roll of the dice’, say experts
While funding is pumped into preventing low-probability scenarios such as asteroid collision, the far more likely threat of a large volcanic eruption is close to ignored - despite much that could be done to reduce the risks, say researchers.

Politics - 17.08.2022

Politics - Environment - 17.08.2022
Confederation preparing to issue first green Confederation bond
The Federal Council intends to strengthen the Swiss financial centre's position as a leading location for sustainable financial services.

Astronomy / Space Science - Health - 17.08.2022
Mars model provides method for landing humans on Red Planet
Mars model provides method for landing humans on Red Planet
A mathematical model developed by space medicine experts from The Australian National University (ANU) could be used to predict whether an astronaut can safely travel to Mars and fulfil their mission duties upon stepping foot on the Red Planet. The ANU team simulated the impact of prolonged exposure to zero gravity on the cardiovascular system to determine whether the human body can tolerate Mars' gravitational forces - which aren't as strong as on Earth - without fainting or suffering a medical emergency when stepping out of a spacecraft.

Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 17.08.2022
Next generation scientists to tackle plant problems
Next generation scientists to tackle plant problems
The newly launched ARC Centre of Excellence for Plant Success in Nature and Agriculture is cultivating the next crop of plant science experts.

Health - 17.08.2022
Cost now biggest turn-off to smoking
Cost now biggest turn-off to smoking
Rising cigarette prices have overtaken health concerns as the biggest motivator for people to cut down or stop smoking. Researchers from The University of Queensland analysed national survey data and found the cost of cigarettes has become the number one reason Australians who smoke try to quit. Associate Professor Coral Gartner from UQ's School of Public Health said the change in motivation coincided with a shift in government focus, away from mass media anti-smoking educational campaigns to targeting the price of cigarettes.

Life Sciences - Computer Science - 17.08.2022
A New Neuromorphic Chip for AI on the Edge, at a Small Fraction of the Energy and Size
The NeuRRAM chip is the first compute-in-memory chip to demonstrate a wide range of AI applications at a fraction of the energy consumed by other platforms while maintaining equivalent accuracy An international team of researchers has designed and built a chip that runs computations directly in memory and can run a wide variety of AI applications-all at a fraction of the energy consumed by computing platforms for general-purpose AI computing.

Health - Innovation - 17.08.2022
When every second counts
Device developed by Waterloo grads now being used to remove clots in brains of stroke victims By Brian Caldwell Faculty of Engineering A medical technology company launched by two Waterloo Engineerin

Health - Social Sciences - 17.08.2022

Earth Sciences - Physics - 17.08.2022
New UW Photonic Sensing Facility will use fiber-optic cables for seismic sensing, glaciology and more
Watch: Researchers Brad Lipovsky and Marine Denolle explain how fiber-optic cables can be used to sense ground motion. Credit: Kiyomi Taguchi/UW The fiber-optic cables that travel underground, along the seafloor and into our homes have potential besides transmitting videos, emails and tweets. These signals can also record ground vibrations as small as a nanometer anywhere the cable touches the ground.

Health - 16.08.2022
Opinion: COVID - masks and free tests may not curb omicron spread - here’s what we should focus on
Writing in The Conversation, Professor Tim Colbourn (UCL Institute for Global Health) argues that investing in health systems more broadly is important now that the world is out of the "emergency phase" of the pandemic.

Life Sciences - Health - 16.08.2022
UC San Diego Receives $1.3M from W. M. Keck Foundation to Study Origins of Dementia
Award will help uncover new tools in understanding and treating neurodegenerative diseases Researchers at the University of California San Diego have received a $1.3 million grant from the W. M.

Environment - Campus - 16.08.2022
RebuiLT, or how to rebuild a house sustainably
RebuiLT, or how to rebuild a house sustainably
The Low-Tech Lab in Lausanne has been part of the Unipoly association of EPFL since 2021 and aims to popularize the low-tech approach already found in several other European universities.

Pedagogy - 16.08.2022

Chemistry - Computer Science - 16.08.2022
NSF Center for Computer-Assisted Synthesis Named a Phase II Center for Chemical Innovation
Carnegie Mellon's Olexandr Isayev and Gabe Gomes are part of the multi-institution team that will bring together chemistry and machine learning to advance molecular synthesis Imagine a world where th

Innovation - Electroengineering - 16.08.2022
Report Highlights Technology Advancement and Value of Wind Energy
Wind energy continues to see strong growth, solid performance, and attractive prices in the U.S., according to a report released by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and prepared by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ÜBerkeley Lab). With levelized costs of just over $30 per megawatt-hour (MWh) for newly built projects, the cost of wind is well below its grid-system, health, and climate benefits.

Environment - 16.08.2022
Carbon market could offset Australia's huge fire recovery bill
Carbon market could offset Australia’s huge fire recovery bill
Scientists have put a dollar figure on the cost of recovery and restoration of native flora and fauna after the 2019-2020 summer bushfires. Research led by The University of Queensland and WWF-Australia found an investment of $16 billion a year is needed to restore habitat across 16 million hectares in southern Australia, to prevent species extinction.
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