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Environment - Economics / Business - 14.09.2020
Sustainable Development Goals essential for the UK Government's pandemic recovery
Sustainable Development Goals essential for the UK Government’s pandemic recovery
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals The UK All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development cites evidence from the Sussex Sustainability Research Prog

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - 14.09.2020

Pharmacology - Health - 11.09.2020
Novartis presents data at ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS for Kesimpta (ofatumumab) in newly diagnosed treatment-naïve adults with relapsing multiple sclerosis
New post hoc data from Phase III ASCLEPIOS trials showed newly diagnosed, treatment-naïve patients experienced reductions in annualized relapse rates, MRI lesion activity and reductions in time to di

Environment - Materials Science - 11.09.2020
Digital 3D models of London chart path to lower emissions
An interactive 3D map of London that grades the energy efficiency of more than 3.5 million properties has been built by UCL researchers for the Greater London Authority (GLA) to inform efforts in tackling fuel poverty and reducing carbon emissions.

Health - Pharmacology - 11.09.2020
Global consortium launches new study into long-term effects of COVID-19
The International Severe Acute Respiratory and emerging Infection Consortium (ISARIC), based at Oxford University, in collaboration with Dr Janet Scott, of the MRC-University of Glasgow's Centre for Virus Research, has launched a longitudinal observational study to measure prevalence and risk factors of long-term health and psychosocial consequences of COVID-19.

Career - Research Management - 11.09.2020
Scientists awarded share of ¤677 million to unravel scientific mysteries
Three early career researchers at the University of Birmingham have been awarded 2020 European Research Council Starting Grants to tackle some of the biggest scientific questions of our time.

Economics / Business - 11.09.2020

Astronomy / Space Science - Environment - 11.09.2020
Systems and teams get ready for the launch of Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich
Today, after a comprehensive review, EUMETSAT and the other European and US partners of the Jason-CS/Sentinel-6 programme confirmed readiness of all systems and teams for the launch and operations of the Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich satellite.

Health - Administration - 11.09.2020
Coronavirus: No quarantine for persons entering from border regions
At its meeting on 11 September, the Federal Council decided on the quarantine rules for persons entering Switzerland from neighbouring countries: only those regions of neighbouring countries where th

Health - Psychology - 11.09.2020
Over a quarter of people say their lives are very different now compared to before Covid-19
Despite the easing of lockdown measures, 28% of adults have reported that their lives are currently 'completely different' or have 'lots of differences' compared to prior to Covid-19, find UCL researchers as part of the Covid-19 Social Study.

Innovation - Career - 11.09.2020
Creative industries in South Wales benefit from £900,000 to test new ideas
An initiative to drive innovation in the South Wales screen and news sectors has announced 33 projects as part of its latest funding round.

Environment - Life Sciences - 11.09.2020
The cold memory of the earth
The cold memory of the earth
On September 14, an expedition within the framework of the international project Ice Memory is setting out to carry out ice core drilling on the glacier of the mountain massif Grand Combin in the Swiss canton of Valais.

Social Sciences - Environment - 11.09.2020

Economics / Business - History / Archeology - 11.09.2020
Why a 19th-century bank failure still matters
In 1865, Congress set up a bank for newly emancipated Black Americans to help accelerate their economic empowerment.

Health - 11.09.2020
Lifestyle changes could beat Alzheimer’s
It may be possible to prevent Alzheimer's disease for those already experiencing cognitive decline, according to new research from The Australian National University (ANU).  ANU PhD candidate, Mitchell McMaster, created a lifestyle modification program and found it reduced dementia risk for people over 65 experiencing early signs of Alzheimer's - the most common cause of dementia.  The study is published in the Journal of the American Geriatric s Society.

Social Sciences - Environment - 10.09.2020
Why Bay Area neighborhoods are still racially segregated
Piedmont, California is zoned for 100% single-family housing and is known as a segregated white community in the Bay Area, consisting of nearly 75% white residents.

Health - Social Sciences - 10.09.2020
Opinion: England faces a bleak winter unless it gets a grip on test and trace
Professor Anthony Costello (UCL Institute for Global Health) lists the issues which led to the failure of England's test, track and trace programme and calls for reform to this system to keep a second wave of Covid-19 under control. After a summer of social gatherings, "eat out to help out" and urging commuters to "get back to the office", the government appears to be losing control of the pandemic.

Environment - Economics / Business - 10.09.2020
Millions of dollars to clean up tuna nets and flip flops from island state
Millions of dollars to clean up tuna nets and flip flops from island state
Following a five-week clean-up on Aldabra Atoll, one of Seychelles' UNESCO World Heritage Site, where 25 tonnes of marine plastic litter was removed, researchers at Oxford University have estimated t

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 10.09.2020

Physics - 10.09.2020
Large Hadron Collider enters new phase with Oxford playing key role
Large Hadron Collider enters new phase with Oxford playing key role
Scientists, engineers and technicians from nine UK research organisations, including the University of Oxford, have embarked on a £26M project to help upgrade the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, on the French/Swiss border near Geneva.

Health - Administration - 10.09.2020

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 10.09.2020
How the Milky Way stole an enormous gas halo from our dwarf neighbours
How the Milky Way stole an enormous gas halo from our dwarf neighbours
A stream of gas from the Magellanic Clouds the mass of more than a billion Suns fills our skies in UV and x-ray light.

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