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Physics - Chemistry - 16.01.2020
Pretty with a twist
Pretty with a twist
Complex, porous, chiral nano-patterns arise from a simple linear building blocks Nanoscience can arrange minute molecular entities into nanometric patterns in an orderly manner using self-assembly protocols.

Life Sciences - 16.01.2020
Call for donations to equip lab in Nigeria and help train a new generation of scientists
Call for donations to equip lab in Nigeria and help train a new generation of scientists
A University of Sussex research fellow is calling for donations of unused or unwanted, but functional science equipment to help equip a laboratory in Nigeria.

Life Sciences - Health - 16.01.2020
Jumbo Undertaking: Elephant Milk Under the Microscope
UC San Diego and San Diego Zoo Global collaborate to improve overall health and survival of elephant calves An elephant calf drinks milk from the mother at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Computer Science / Telecom - 16.01.2020

Social Sciences - Environment - 16.01.2020
Mapping a Path to More Equitable Housing
EarthTime helps residents, decisionmakers see what's happening in their communities For the sixth consecutive year, Carnegie Mellon University's EarthTime platform will help leaders at the World Econ

Computer Science / Telecom - Microtechnics - 16.01.2020
Shaping the Future of Human-Robot Interaction at Davos
In the Human and Robot Partners (HARP) Lab at Carnegie Mellon University, a robot mounted to a table must choose between three candy dishes.

Computer Science / Telecom - Event - 16.01.2020
Countdown to Davos, World Economic Forum
CMU returns to gathering of world thought-leaders As a countdown clock on the World Economic Forum website ticks down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until its 2020 meeting in Davos, Switzerland, a number of Carnegie Mellon University representatives are gearing up for the four-day event.

Business / Economics - Politics - 15.01.2020

Computer Science / Telecom - Administration - 15.01.2020
As world awaits Doomsday Clock announcement, a look at its UChicago roots
Most of the people who built the first atomic bomb did not know what they were doing. But the scientists did.

Physics - Materials Science - 15.01.2020
Playing with the wonder materials
Playing with the wonder materials
The diameter of a hair, but a hundred thousand times thinner - the products made by Dr. Ashish Arora and his colleagues in the laboratories of the Institute of Physics are difficult to imagine for outsiders. The materials they deal with on a daily basis hold a world record because they consist of a single layer of atoms, the smallest building blocks of nature.

Linguistics / Literature - 15.01.2020

Life Sciences - Environment - 15.01.2020
’The blob,’ food supply squeeze to blame for largest seabird die-off
A recently dead common murre found by a citizen scientist on a routine monthly survey in January 2016. An intact, fresh bird indicates scavengers have not yet arrived. This carcass has probably only been on the beach a few hours. COASST The common murre is a self-sufficient, resilient bird. Though the seabird must eat about half of its body weight in prey each day, common murres are experts at catching the small "forage fish” they need to survive.

Environment - Astronomy / Space Science - 15.01.2020
Second-warmest year, warmest decade: U-M experts available
Last year was the planet's second-warmest year since modern record keeping began in 1880, federal scientists announced today.

Music - 15.01.2020
INITIATE internet research project calls for collaboration
INITIATE internet research project calls for collaboration
Understanding the behaviour of the Internet with its inherent complexity and scale is essential when designing new Internet systems and applications.

Astronomy / Space Science - 15.01.2020
First Asteroid Found Inside Orbit of Venus
A rare asteroid orbiting snugly within the inner confines of our solar system has been discovered by Caltech's Zwicky Transient Facility, or ZTF, a survey camera based at Palomar Observatory. The newfound body, named 2020 AV2, is the first asteroid found to orbit entirely within the orbit of Venus.

Life Sciences - Computer Science / Telecom - 15.01.2020
A brand new tool devoted to simplifying complex neuron models
Scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the EPFL Blue Brain Project have developed 'Neuron_Reduce', a new computational tool that provides the scientific community with a straightforward capability to simplify complex neuron models of any cell type and still faithfully preserve its input-output properties while significantly reducing simulation run-time.

Pharmacology - Health - 15.01.2020
We must be smarter about how we use antibiotics, says Imperial researcher
Not enough focus is being paid to using antibiotics more appropriately to minimise the threat of drug-resistant bugs, said an expert in a recent talk. Alison Holmes, Professor of Infectious Diseases at Imperial College London and Director of Infection Prevention and Control at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, is leading a newly created centre to tackle drug-resistant infections.

Pharmacology - Health - 15.01.2020
Involving family in care for bipolar disorder helps children and teens stay healthier, longer
In a UCLA-led study, children and adolescents with a high risk for developing bipolar disorder stayed healthier for longer periods when their family members participated in their psychotherapy sessions.

Astronomy / Space Science - Event - 15.01.2020

Health - Pharmacology - 15.01.2020
Drug resistance is "up there with climate change" as a global threat
The threat posed by drug resistant infections should be taken as seriously as climate change, says an Imperial expert.

Psychology - 15.01.2020
Higher rates of post-natal depression among autistic mothers
Higher rates of post-natal depression among autistic mothers
For Cambridge students For our researchers Business and enterprise Colleges and Departments Email and phone search Give to Cambridge Museums and collections Undergraduate Events and open days Fees an

Agronomy / Food Science - Business / Economics - 15.01.2020
Healthy commercial ads don't change teens' desire to eat junk food
Healthy commercial ads don’t change teens’ desire to eat junk food
How teens' brains respond to TV commercials for fast food can predict what they are going to eat for dinner, according to new University of Michigan research.

Health - Pharmacology - 15.01.2020
Genome editing at the crossroads of scandal and cure
Genetic modification of babies in China one year ago was universally condemned. At the same time, CRISPR treatments are on their way into our clinics.

Life Sciences - Environment - 15.01.2020

Physics - Astronomy / Space Science - 15.01.2020
Imperial physicist and chemist honoured in premier young scientist awards
Professor Claudia de Rham and Professor Matthew Fuchter receive accolades in the annual Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists.

Life Sciences - Health - 15.01.2020

Linguistics / Literature - 15.01.2020

Music - Event - 14.01.2020

Business / Economics - Innovation - 14.01.2020
The Life Enhancing Technology
H2020 - Brokerage and Knowledge Event for Science with and for Society IOR SEMINAR "Challenges in the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue sarcomas" Faculty of Biomedical Sciences SFI Master Class

Mathematics - Event - 14.01.2020

Mechanical Engineering - Innovation - 14.01.2020
Imperial and Mitsubishi launch turbocharger centre to develop cleaner engines
Imperial and Mitsubishi launch turbocharger centre to develop cleaner engines
Imperial and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) have launched a new research centre to improve turbocharger design and develop cleaner engines.

Health - Life Sciences - 14.01.2020
A life's work for stem cell research
A life’s work for stem cell research
"Tech-Histories Alive" on January 21 with Prof. Christian Peschel A life's work for stem cell research Today blood stem cells are frequently used in therapy to treat leukemia and lymphoma.

Health - Pharmacology - 14.01.2020
New heart disease drug to be made available to NHS patients through ground-breaking collaboration
Up to 30,000 lives could be saved over the next decade thanks to a proposed pioneering government collaboration with pharmaceutical company Novartis to tackle heart disease - a leading cause of death in the UK.

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