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Environment - Economics / Business - 18.02.2021
The time to take low-carbon transition risks seriously is now
A successful climate policy means preparing for unintended adverse impacts, such as job losses in declining energy sectors or potential environmental impacts of scaling up renewables.

Economics / Business - Materials Science - 18.02.2021

Innovation - Life Sciences - 18.02.2021

Health - Campus - 18.02.2021
Using Plague Diaries to Keep a Record of COVID-19
Humanities courses in history, philosophy and literature bring discussion of today's pandemic into the classroom, offering students a unique way of learning The first photo in Paige Nguyen's pandemic diary is full of complexities.

Astronomy / Space Science - Event - 18.02.2021
20 Things You Might Not Know About Sally Ride
Sally Ride is remembered as the first American woman in space and as a champion of diversity and equity in science education.

Astronomy / Space Science - Campus - 18.02.2021

Health - Pharmacology - 18.02.2021
Major £2.2m research project aims to improve treatment and understanding of Long COVID
Major £2.2m research project aims to improve treatment and understanding of Long COVID
The University of Birmingham today launches a major new £2.2m government-funded research project to improve the treatment, causes and symptoms of so-called Long COVID in non-hospitalised patients.

Astronomy / Space Science - 18.02.2021

Environment - Chemistry - 18.02.2021
We need a global science panel on chemicals and waste
Chemical pollution is a global threat that demands for global action, says Zhanyun Wang. An interface body similar to the IPCC could help bridge the gap between science and policy. Chemicals are at the heart of our modern world. But the way the world deals with chemicals is highly inadequate. Over the last decades, the number and diversity of chemicals produced and traded have increased drastically, reaching several hundred thousands.

Astronomy / Space Science - 18.02.2021
Mars 2020 mission: Perseverance rover lands successfully carrying French Supercam instrument
Mars 2020 mission: Perseverance rover lands successfully carrying French Supercam instrument
Thursday 18 February, the Perseverance rover, carrying a suite of seven instruments including the French SuperCam, a greatly enhanced version of the ChemCam instrument already operating on NASA's Cur

Innovation - 18.02.2021

Event - 18.02.2021
Read today’s Teams Tip - 18 February 2021
This week we are looking at how to prioritise your channels and posts in Teams by pinning them. Pinned channels In the past, we've looked at how to keep your Teams organised by hiding the quieter groups.

Health - Life Sciences - 18.02.2021
Launch of four European projects to develop avantgarde technologies
Scanning electron microscopy image showing an array of silicon pillars such as those that will create the nanosystem of the StretchBio project Cultius neuronals customitzats, una tècnica que servirà de base per desenvolupar el projecte Neu-ChiP.

Astronomy / Space Science - 18.02.2021

Astronomy / Space Science - Event - 18.02.2021

Politics - 18.02.2021
Facebook news ban in Australia: U-M experts can comment
EXPERTS ADVISORY University of Michigan experts are available to comment on Facebook's banning of news posts in Australia as the tech giant faced a new law that would have required it to pay media publishers for sharing the content.

Health - Social Sciences - 17.02.2021
Analysis: We asked 70,000 people how coronavirus affected them
Dr Daisy Fancourt and Research Fellow Alex Bradbury (both UCL Epidemiology & Health) spell out the impact that Covid-19 has had on vulnerable groups, drawing on their Covid-19 Social Study involving 70,000 people. The UK has passed the grim milestone of 100,000 deaths from Covid-19. And as the latest lockdown drags on, the inequalities that have characterised the trajectory of the Covid-19 epidemic are becoming starker than ever.

Pharmacology - Health - 17.02.2021
New Grant Funds Clinical Trial to Assess Psychedelic as Treatment for Phantom Limb Pain
Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation awards $1.3 million to investigate therapeutic potential of psilocybin, the active compound in "magic mushrooms" The Psychedelics and Health Research Initia

Pharmacology - Health - 17.02.2021
Improving a Vaccine Delivery System for COVID and Beyond
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University's College of Engineering and the University of Pittsburgh's School of Medicine have been awarded a grant from the Richard King Mellon Foundation to develop a

Campus - 17.02.2021
University of Glasgow publishes action plan to tackle racism and racial harassment on campus
Content Advisory: The content and discussion in news article and report covers themes of racism and racial harassment, including detailed accounts of lived experiences of racial harassment from staff and students and the detrimental effects of this to physical and mental health.

Physics - Materials Science - 17.02.2021
National Labs Band Together to Build Prototype Magnet for Future and Existing Light Sources
National Labs Band Together to Build Prototype Magnet for Future and Existing Light Sources
Note: This release was adapted from the original press release, prepared by Argonne National Laboratory.

Social Sciences - 17.02.2021
"Islamo-leftism" is not a scientific reality
"Islamo-leftism", a political catchphrase used in public discourse, has no basis in any scientific reality.

Health - Social Sciences - 17.02.2021
Over one billion people have untreated vision impairment
An estimated 1.1 billion people are living with untreated vision impairment worldwide, experiencing vision loss that often can be prevented or treated cost-effectively, finds a new report involving UCL researchers.

Astronomy / Space Science - Event - 17.02.2021
Analysis: See Mars in the sky the day Nasa’s Perseverance rover lands
PhD candidate Osnat Katz (UCL Science & Technology Studies) explains that Mars is one of the easiest planets to see from Earth and is visible for almost the whole year, even without special equipment.

Life Sciences - 16.02.2021
Of multiple-horned goats and sheep
Of multiple-horned goats and sheep
Scientists from the INRAE, ALLICE and UNIGE have discovered the genetic causes of the abnormal presence of an additional pair of horns in Bovids. Bovidae sometimes display supernumerary horns. For instance, local breeds of sheep genetically selected by generations of breeders, are known for their multiple horns, a condition referred to as 'polyceraty'.

Social Sciences - Politics - 16.02.2021
Capitol unrest linked with Trump-voting ’islands,’ proximity to Proud Boys chapters
Americans who lived near chapters of the far-right Proud Boys organization were more likely to have attended the Jan.

Health - 16.02.2021
Studies of alcohol in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic published
Results from a study, led by PHS in collaboration with the University of Glasgow to investigate alcohol sales during the pandemic, have today been published. The study specifically investigated the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and related restrictions, on alcohol sales in Scotland during its first few months.

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