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Health - 19.01.2023
Research team of the Centre for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering honoured as Inventors of the Year 2022
University , Medicine & Science MedUni Vienna awarded Ivo Rausch, Ewald Unger, Alejandra Valladares and Andreas Berg of the Centre for Medical Physics and Biomedical Technology of MedUni Vienna as Inventors of the Year 2022.

Health - Life Sciences - 19.01.2023

Physics - 19.01.2023
Why do the cores of stars spin more slowly than expected?
Why do the cores of stars spin more slowly than expected?
Under certain conditions, the cores of stars contract. When this happens, they start to spin faster than the external layers of the star.

Social Sciences - 19.01.2023
The making of an incel
Caroline Deli's doctoral research aims to understand the trajectories that lead men to self-identify as 'incels', or involuntary celibates.

Health - Pharmacology - 19.01.2023
Schulich Medicine & Dentistry receives significant funding to make clinical trials research more efficient
Schulich Medicine & Dentistry receives significant funding to make clinical trials research more efficient
CIHR grants fund training program for pragmatic clinical trials and create new pan-Canadian consortium  By Kathleen Brown-Blake, Special to Western News, January 19, 2023 By Kathleen Brown-Blake, Spec

Environment - Life Sciences - 19.01.2023
Special drone collects environmental DNA from trees
Special drone collects environmental DNA from trees
Researchers at ETH Zurich and the Swiss Federal research institute WSL have developed a flying device that can land on tree branches to take samples. This opens up a new dimension for scientists previously reserved for biodiversity researchers. Ecologists are increasingly using traces of genetic material left behind by living organisms left behind in the environment, called environmental DNA (eDNA), to catalogue and monitor biodiversity.

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 19.01.2023
Caltech Submillimeter Observatory Decommissioning Update
Last summer, Caltech began the decommissioning of the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory (CSO) on Maunakea.

Career - 19.01.2023
All eyes on Kerrie Ingraham
All eyes on Kerrie Ingraham
When Kerrie Ingraham started at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), she was immediately impressed by the welcoming environment that she encountered.

Social Sciences - Innovation - 19.01.2023
3 Questions: Sulafa Zidani on tech, culture, and a critical transnational perspective
The media scholar speaks on her research and her experience at MIT.

Health - Campus - 19.01.2023
Wastewater-based disease surveillance: U-M experts can discuss
EXPERTS ADVISORY A new report released today by The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine reviews the usefulness of community-level wastewater surveillance during the pandemic and assesses its potential value for control and prevention of infectious diseases beyond COVID-19. University of Michigan faculty members, including two who served on the Academies' Committee on Community Wastewater-based Infectious Disease Surveillance, can discuss the report, " Wastewater-based Disease Surveillance for Public Health Action.

Life Sciences - 19.01.2023
Squirrels that gamble win big when it comes to evolutionary fitness
Study: "Phenotype-environment mismatch errors enhance lifetime fitness in wild red squirrels” (available after embargo lifts) Imagine overhearing the Powerball lottery winning numbers, but you didn't know when those numbers would be called-just that at some point in the next 10 years or so, they would be.

Health - Pharmacology - 19.01.2023
Loophole enables FDA approval of unsafe medical devices, Yale study finds
Manufacturers, through a loophole in the law, can use an unsafe medical device as a basis for FDA authorization to bring it to market.

Innovation - Campus - 19.01.2023

Life Sciences - Campus - 18.01.2023
Becoming a lab head
In this new series, we feature FMI alumni and the diverse careers they have chosen after leaving our institute.

Environment - 18.01.2023
Towards green and just transitions in city regions
Towards green and just transitions in city regions
PhD candidate Usman Aziz, Professor Elvira Uyarra and Dr Josephine Mylan, from the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIOIR) and Sustainable Consumption Institute (SCI), studied sustainability policymaking in city-regions.

Astronomy / Space Science - 18.01.2023
Aerospace student experiences weightlessness during parabolic flight
Aerospace student experiences weightlessness during parabolic flight
Michaela Benthaus at "AstroAccess" in Houston Michaela Benthaus had dreamed of becoming an astronaut since she was a young girl.

Environment - 18.01.2023
SLF becomes WMO's Snow Monitoring Competence Centre
SLF becomes WMO’s Snow Monitoring Competence Centre
The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has appointed the SLF to be the world's leading competence centre for snow monitoring. The WMO's Infrastructure Commission based its decision on the fact that the SLF already possesses high-quality measuring infrastructure and over 80 years of knowledge. When the test site was set up on the Weissfluhjoch above Davos, at an altitude of 2,536 metres, more than eight decades ago, nobody could have imagined the measuring instruments and methods that would go on to be developed.

Environment - Social Sciences - 18.01.2023
SCI research round up December 2022
SCI research round up December 2022
Don't miss out on any article, podcast or presentation by SCI members anymore with our regular research round ups covering any recently published SCI research! SCI Lecturer Jeremy Brice is the co-author on the open access paper 'When you wish upon a (GWP) star: Environmental governance and the reflexive performativity of global warming metrics' in Social Studies of Science .

Health - Sport - 18.01.2023
European Championship with side effects
European Championship with side effects
The epidemiological baseline situation determines how much the corona infection increase as a result of a major event such as a European soccer championship The impact of the European Soccer (Footbal

Linguistics / Literature - Campus - 18.01.2023

Health - Pharmacology - 18.01.2023
Imperial-CNRS-Lille project to ’fast-track’ treatments for metabolic diseases
Imperial, France's National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the University of Lille are setting up a major project into metabolic diseases. Diseases linked with metabolism, such as diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension) and obesity affect millions of people around the world. This new collaboration will aim to 'fast-track' treatments for these conditions.

Politics - Campus - 18.01.2023

Health - Social Sciences - 18.01.2023
Workshop aids understanding of structural racism
Workshop aids understanding of structural racism
A workshop hosted by the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing explores how data science and machine learning can help our understanding of the effects of structural racism on health outcomes Racial discrimination comes in different forms.

Computer Science - Mechanical Engineering - 18.01.2023

Materials Science - Computer Science - 18.01.2023
Scientist named to Forbes '30 under 30' list
Scientist named to Forbes ’30 under 30’ list
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory materials scientist Daniel Schwalbe-Koda has been named one of Forbes " 30 under 30 " for 2023 in the science category.

Life Sciences - Health - 18.01.2023
A global lab for teaching and practicing synthetic biology
A pandemic-fueled transformation of the MIT course MAS.S64 (How to Grow (Almost) Anything) leads to next steps in democratizing synthetic biology.

Art and Design - 18.01.2023
Harvesting trash to create an entirely nutritionless grocery store of single-use plastic
When what you harvest is trash, your crops are in season year-round and they yield overwhelming surplus.

Health - 18.01.2023
Many older adults declined home medical care for fear of COVID, causing new or worsening conditions
COVID-19 interrupted or delayed medical treatment for many people who chose to put off elective procedures or couldn't get in to see a specialist. Study: Home-Based Care Provider Perspectives on Care Refusal During the COVID-19 Pandemic But new research from the University of Michigan finds another population was affected: Many homebound older adults canceled medically necessary home-based health care services out of fear of getting COVID-19.

Environment - Economics / Business - 18.01.2023
Reusable take-out food containers can reduce plastic waste, emissions, costs, U-M study finds
In the effort to reduce plastic waste in the restaurant industry-single-use takeout containers, specifically-University of Michigan researchers compared the lifetime environmental impacts of single-use and reusable food containers. Study: Parametric life cycle assessment modeling of reusable and single-use restaurant food container systems Their findings support the idea that the number of times a reusable takeout container gets used is a key factor impacting its sustainability performance.

Environment - Architecture - 18.01.2023
Preparing to be prepared
Preparing to be prepared
Miho Mazereeuw, an architect of built and natural environments, looks for new ways to get people ready for natural disasters.

Career - Campus - 17.01.2023

Career - Research Management - 17.01.2023