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Computer Science - 18.05.2023

Computer Science - 18.05.2023
2.007 Forever!
2.007 Forever!
With winches, spinners, and telescoping contraptions, bots go head to head in student robot competition inspired by "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Computer Science - Electroengineering - 18.05.2023
Toward more flexible and rapid prototyping of electronic devices
FlexBoard is a flexible breadboard that enables rapid prototyping of objects with interactive sensors, actuators, and displays on curved and deformable surfaces. Whether you are a new employee, a gymnast, or a bendy straw manufacturer, one trait is ideal across the board: flexibility. The same can now be said about prototyping electronic devices.

Materials Science - 18.05.2023

Health - Pharmacology - 17.05.2023
First experts move into new world-class cancer research facility
World-leading scientists, clinicians and operational staff are now moving into a new £150m cancer research centre at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust's site on Wilmslow Road in Withington. The building is part of the Manchester Cancer Research Centre - a highly successful partnership between 3 powerhouses of innovation, The Christie, Cancer Research UK and The University of Manchester - and will be one of the top cancer research centres in the world.

Health - 17.05.2023
The impact of Title 42 on disease prevention and migrants’ well-being
FACULTY Q&A Title 42 was implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic under the Trump administration with the aim of restricting the entry of migrants into the United States, citing concerns over potential disease spread and resource strain.

Linguistics / Literature - Innovation - 17.05.2023
Anniversary Exhibitions Trace Influence of Shakespeare through Time and Technology
This year, the Carnegie Mellon University Libraries presents two  exhibitions  to mark the quatercentenary (1623-2023) of Shakespeare's First Folio, a copy of which is held in the Libraries'  Special Collections.

Innovation - Social Sciences - 17.05.2023
How digitalisation is exacerbating social inequality
We live in a world where almost everyone is online. The internet is a near-endless source of information, a space where we keep in contact with loved ones and where we work and consume.

Mathematics - Economics - 17.05.2023
The math behind waiting
The math behind waiting
Dennis Schol defended his PhD thesis at the department of Mathematics and Computer Science on May 16th. The production process of large high-tech manufacturers, such as ASML, is characterized by many parties supplying the components that make up the final product. If these parties can't supply on time, this results in supply-chain delays that may have major financial consequences.

Art and Design - Event - 17.05.2023
In Science or Art, Curiosity is the Driver
Culture University In his first phase of research, Kaspar Ravel, artist in residence at Sorbonne University, met passionate researchers who are a real source of inspiration.

Computer Science - 17.05.2023
Waterloo doctoral candidate focuses on ways to make virtual reality more accessible
May 17, 2023 Inclusive research method connects with disability communities for better outcomes By Dr. Christine Zaza Disability Inclusion Office Computer science doctoral candidate Johann Wentzel aims to make virtual reality (VR) more accessible for disabled people.

Innovation - Physics - 17.05.2023
Birmingham to become UK's first centre for rare earth magnet recycling
Birmingham to become UK’s first centre for rare earth magnet recycling
Rare earth magnets, one of the building block materials for clean growth, will be recycled at a plant at Birmingham's Tyseley Energy Park Pioneering rare earth recycling company HyProMag , which was f

Pedagogy - Environment - 17.05.2023
Accelerated Christian Education textbooks used in UK schools deny human-caused climate change
One of the world's largest fundamentalist Christian education groups is teaching its students climate change denial as fact, and still presents the theory of evolution as an 'absurd and discredited' conspiracy theory, finds a report by UCL researchers.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 17.05.2023
Why the Swiss are shipping CO 2 to Iceland
Yesterday, Swiss President Alain Berset toured the Carbfix plant in Iceland and visited the facilities where the pilot project "DemoUpCARMA" is implemented.

Campus - 17.05.2023

Life Sciences - Health - 17.05.2023
3 Questions: Sara Prescott on the brain-body connection
New MIT faculty member investigates how sensory input from within the body controls mammalian physiology and behavior. Many of our body's most important functions occur without our conscious knowledge, such as digestion, heartbeat, and breathing. These vital functions depend on the signals generated by the "interoceptive nervous system," which enables the brain to monitor our internal organs and trigger responses that sometimes save our lives.

Environment - Health - 17.05.2023
J-WAFS announces 2023 seed grant recipients
Fifteen principal investigators from across MIT will conduct early work to solve issues ranging from water contamination to aquaculture monitoring and management.

Innovation - Politics - 17.05.2023

Health - Career - 16.05.2023
How to Increase the Quality of Health Care?
How to Increase the Quality of Health Care?
For research on improving the quality of health care, the Hamburg Center for Health Economics at Universität Hamburg has created a comprehensive doctoral program.

Environment - 16.05.2023
Consumers paid billions more for energy while providers increased revenues
Consumers paid billions more for energy while providers increased revenues
Consumers paid high energy costs while electricity generators saw enormous increases in revenues beyond their costs, finds a new report by UCL researchers that traces the revenues of the UK's electricity generation sector during the 2022 energy crisis.

Pharmacology - Health - 16.05.2023
Pharmacists at the core of oncology patient management
The benefits of integrating pharmacists in community practices By Milana Madzarac School of Pharmacy A structured support system for oncology patients is one of the most important aspects during a difficult time in someone's life. When one thinks of a cancer centre, nurses and physicians are at the forefront, but a pharmacist is also essential in providing care and designing treatments for those undergoing chemotherapy.

Innovation - 16.05.2023
'It's fun but not a game'
’It’s fun but not a game’
Professor Wendelin Stark and Nevena Paunovic were both chemistry Olympians. In 2023, they will return to the Olympiad in new roles: the former as the head of the IChO Scientific Committee and the latter as a startup founder.

Pedagogy - 16.05.2023
U.S. textbooks miss opportunities to teach Latino history
U.S. textbooks miss opportunities to teach Latino history
The first comprehensive analysis of how Latinos are portrayed in widely used U.S. history textbooks reveals a lack of authenticity and a failure to cover many seminal events in the Latino experience.

Music - Economics - 16.05.2023