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Health - 30.06.2020
Opinion: Can I, a coronavirus ’shielder’, find consolation in lockdown?
Emeritus Professor John Sutherland (UCL English Language & Literature) praises the NHS and reflects on the lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Social Sciences - Economics / Business - 30.06.2020
Complex and long-standing disadvantages exposed by coronavirus pandemic, report finds
A major report reveals the complex and long-standing factors contributing to the disproportionate impact coronavirus is having on Wales' black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities. Professor Emmanuel Ogbonna of Cardiff University chaired the subgroup from the BAME Covid-19 expert advisory group, which was set up by First Minister Mark Drakeford.

Social Sciences - History / Archeology - 30.06.2020
Socially-distanced archaeological dig brings community together
Socially-distanced archaeological dig brings community together
People living near one of Cardiff's most ancient monuments are being invited to help unearth further insights into the area's rich archaeology and history.

Physics - Materials Science - 30.06.2020
Exploring interactions of light and matter
Exploring interactions of light and matter
Juejun Hu pushes the frontiers of optoelectronics for biological imaging, communications, and consumer electronics.

Event - Social Sciences - 29.06.2020

Social Sciences - Criminology / Forensics - 29.06.2020
Students’ expertise helps map 11 days, 125 acts of U.S. police violence
A recent report by Amnesty International tracked, with UC Berkeley students' help, dozens of cases across the country of police violence against protesters, from May 26 - the day after George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis while in police custody - to June 5.

Health - 29.06.2020
Trouble paying medical bills can lead to longer episodes of homelessness
Trouble paying medical bills can lead to longer episodes of homelessness
Even before the pandemic left COVID-19 patients with staggering hospital bills, many people, especially those who are uninsured, were often overwhelmed with medical bills Research shows that medical debt burdens millions of Americans: Depending on how "medical debt" is defined, studies from nonprofits and academic institutions generally show from 16% to 28% of adults carry that burden.

Health - Pharmacology - 29.06.2020
Transplant patient recovers from COVID-19 after receiving donated plasma
UChicago Medicine's use of plasma from COVID-19 survivors believed to be first-of-its-kind procedure A year after his successful lung transplant, Edgardo Diaz, 30, found himself back in the hospital with COVID-19.

Pharmacology - Health - 29.06.2020
New artificial heart valve could transform open-heart surgery
New artificial heart valve could transform open-heart surgery
A new type of artificial heart valve, made of long-lived polymers, could mean that millions of patients with diseased heart valves will no longer require lifelong blood-thinning medication after valve replacement surgery. These impressive results show the PoliValve is a promising alternative for valve replacement surgery Geoff Moggridge The valve, called PoliValve, has been developed by scientists at the Universities of Cambridge and Bristol.

Health - Pharmacology - 29.06.2020
Children at risk from falling UK vaccination rates, warn doctors
Children risk becoming 'unseen victims of the COVID-19 pandemic', with evidence suggesting they may be missing routine vaccinations, warn researchers.

Social Sciences - Administration - 29.06.2020
Showing pro-diversity feelings are the norm makes individuals more tolerant
Showing people how their peers feel about diversity in their community can make their actions more inclusive, make members of marginalized groups feel more like they belong, and even help close racial achievement gaps in education, according to a new study.

Social Sciences - Administration - 29.06.2020
UW Tacoma’s Eric Madfis explores curbing school violence in new book
A new book by Eric Madfis of UW Tacoma argues that by studying situations where school violence was successfully avoided, school leaders can help prevent future violent acts.

Law - Economics / Business - 29.06.2020
Companies use work, school links to gain legal advantage in patent infringement cases
Share on: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Corporations seek and secure favorable legal decisions by retaining attorneys who have worked for or studied with federal judges, a new study reveals.

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 29.06.2020
Imperial academics inform policymakers on preventing online harms
Imperial academics inform policymakers on preventing online harms
Preventing online harms, an issue at the forefront of health and digital policymaking, was the focus of The Forum's first ever online panel event.

Health - Psychology - 29.06.2020
COVID-19: National PTSD screening programme urgently needed
Patients affected by COVID-19 need to be urgently screened for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and receive regular check-ups for at least a year.

Health - Social Sciences - 29.06.2020

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 29.06.2020
’Stopgap’ ventilator could save lives ahead of hospital treatment
An affordable 'stopgap' ventilator which can be used with minimal training could help keep seriously ill people alive long enough to either recover or receive hospital care, scientists say.

Event - Computer Science - 29.06.2020

Economics / Business - Health - 29.06.2020

Career - Computer Science - 29.06.2020
Researchers helping to ready vote-by-mail system for November
Researchers helping to ready vote-by-mail system for November
Feds fund study to validate, improve VotingWorks' open-source vote-by-mail technology Rice University researchers are teaming with nonprofit VotingWorks to validate and improve open-source technology

Health - Environment - 29.06.2020

Health - Politics - 27.06.2020
Neil Ferguson on scientific advice, lockdown and countering new outbreaks
The UK may need "targeted" interventions to suppress coronavirus flare-ups as lockdown eases, says the head of Imperial's COVID-19 Response Team.

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 27.06.2020
Space weather monitoring to get major upgrade in new research programme
The UK's ability to predict solar superstorms and other severe space weather events is to get a significant upgrade with the launch of two major research projects led by the University of Birmingham.

Physics - Astronomy / Space Science - 26.06.2020
Mystery of solar cycle illuminated
In the convection zone of the star, the plasma currents make a huge turnover that lasts about 22 years (mps) Solar activity fluctuates in a rhythm of about eleven years, which is reflected among other things in the frequency of sunspots. A complete magnetic period lasts 22 years. Scientists have long been puzzling over what causes this cycle.

Health - 26.06.2020
Problem solving, turbocharged
Problem solving, turbocharged
A healthcare solution born in an ETH student workshop has now entered mass production: the helpfulETH initiative is supporting hospitals during the coronavirus crisis by producing special face shields.

Social Sciences - 26.06.2020
Analysis: How Indonesia’s LGBT community is making a difference amid COVID-19
PhD researcher Diego Garcia Rodriguez (UCL Gender & Sexuality Studies) and Khanis Suvianita from the Universitas Gadjah Mada examine the efforts of transgender groups in Indonesia helping those in need during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pharmacology - Health - 26.06.2020
Novartis Cosentyx gains positive CHMP opinion for pediatric psoriasis, reinforcing established efficacy and safety profile
EMA CHMP positive opinion paves way for Cosentyx to become a first-line systemic treatment in pediatric psoriasis   CHMP opinion based on two Phase III studies showing Cosentyx provides fast and stro

Pharmacology - Health - 26.06.2020
Novartis receives positive CHMP opinion for new Xolair indication to treat severe chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps
If approved, Xolair (omalizumab) will provide patients who have severe chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps, not adequately controlled by intranasal corticosteroids, with the first anti-immunoglo

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