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Health - 14.05.2019
Roche and Spark Therapeutics, Inc. announce expected refiling date of Premerger Notification and Report Forms under the HSR Act and extension of tender offer for shares of Spark Therapeutics, Inc
Parties elect to refile Premerger Notification and Report Forms on or about 23 May 2019 to provide the government with additional time to complete its current review Roche and Spark Therapeutics, Inc.

Health - Life Sciences - 14.05.2019
3D printing to save dogs' day
3D printing to save dogs’ day
3D printed models of dog skulls are helping University of Queensland vets to save animals and educate tomorrow's veterinary students.

Health - Pharmacology - 14.05.2019
Major UK clinical trial for Group B Strep screening in pregnant women announced
A landmark clinical trial is aiming to improve the prevention of potentially life-threatening infection caused by group B Streptococcus in newborn babies in the UK.

Career - 13.05.2019
UW Information School's Hala Annabi creates new 'Autism @ Work Playbook'
UW Information School’s Hala Annabi creates new ’Autism @ Work Playbook’
"Nothing about us without us” is a phrase often used to express the need for people to have a say in designing policies that affect their own lives.

Physics - Career - 13.05.2019
University grants long-delayed doctoral degree to Cheryl Sundari Dembe
Innovative chemistry research from 1970s receives recognition after disruption due to gender discrimination Forty-eight years after leaving the University of Chicago, Cheryl Dembe will walk at Convocation ceremonies in June after earning her doctorate in Chemistry.

Social Sciences - 13.05.2019
Marilyn Webb comes full circle to complete PhD degree
Decades after facing sexual harassment as a UChicago graduate student, feminist writer reclaims her academic goal Marilyn Webb is an acclaimed journalist and author, a talented professor, and a leading feminist activist.

Electroengineering - 13.05.2019
Developing cheaper and more efficient solar power
Our scientists have helped to solve a puzzle that could lead to cheaper and more efficient solar power.

Environment - Astronomy / Space Science - 13.05.2019
Spotlight on the pulse of our planet
Spotlight on the pulse of our planet
13 May 2019 Satellites deliver crucial information to help solve what is our biggest global problem: climate change.

Physics - Materials Science - 13.05.2019
Northwestern University joins Chicago Quantum Exchange
The Chicago Quantum Exchange , a growing intellectual hub for the research and development of quantum technology, has added Northwestern University as its newest member.

Environment - 13.05.2019
Water polo champions
Scored the game winner to give No. 2 Stanford a 9-8 victory over No. 1 USC in the NCAA final, Sunday, at Avery Aquatics Center.

Innovation / Technology - Transport - 13.05.2019
Ground-breaking driverless car project showcases vision for a connected transport future
Ground-breaking driverless car project showcases vision for a connected transport future
The multi-organisational team behind the £5.5 million FLOURISH connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) project is today [Monday 13 May] celebrating the completion of three years of collaborative research and development with the launch of its latest findings.

Event - Innovation / Technology - 13.05.2019

Sport Sciences - 13.05.2019
While Losing 100+ pounds, David White Gains New Perspective
For most students, attending college is a transformational experience. But for David White, who is graduating with a bachelor's degree in statistics , the past four years at Carnegie Mellon University has transformed him more than most.

Linguistics / Literature - 13.05.2019

Computer Science / Telecom - 13.05.2019

Computer Science / Telecom - 13.05.2019

Environment - Innovation / Technology - 13.05.2019
Turning wastewater sludge into energy and mineral salts
Turning wastewater sludge into energy and mineral salts
A system developed by EPFL spin-off TreaTech can turn sludge from wastewater treatment plants into mineral salts - which could be used in fertilizer, for example - and biogas.

Social Sciences - Business / Economics - 13.05.2019
Francqui Prize 2019 goes to KU Leuven research into the impact of family decisions on individual well-being
This year's Francqui Prize, often dubbed 'the Belgian Nobel Prize', has been awarded to three KU Leuven economists: Laurens Cherchye, Bram De Rock, and Frederic Vermeulen.

Innovation / Technology - Computer Science / Telecom - 13.05.2019
Using AI and data science to crack the productivity puzzle at work
The law firm of the future is a step closer thanks to a new partnership between Burges Salmon and the University of Bristol, which will explore how the use of AI and data science can improve productivity.

Physics - Innovation / Technology - 13.05.2019
In Granada, the European particle physics community prepares decisions for the future of the field
Geneva and Granada. The European particle physics community is meeting this week in Granada, Spain, to discuss the roadmap for the future of the discipline.

Linguistics / Literature - 13.05.2019

Astronomy / Space Science - 13.05.2019

Health - Career - 13.05.2019
Overhaul of clinical training in Scotland to help retain women in the field
Scottish science is set to receive a multimillion pound boost to transform training for doctors who undertake cancer research - and help retain women scientists in the field.

Mathematics - Career - 13.05.2019
3 inspiring Sydney women tell their mathematics story
3 inspiring Sydney women tell their mathematics story
Three of our inspiring mathematicians share their journey, passion and how they think we can get more women in mathematics.

Social Sciences - 13.05.2019

Health - Business / Economics - 10.05.2019
YSPH collaborating with China to develop new medical payment models
Improving China's medical payment models was the topic of discussion when Yale School of Public Health Dean Sten H. Vermund traveled to Beijing in January 2019 to meet with officials from China's National Health Commission as part of the country's ongoing healthcare reform efforts.

Life Sciences - Innovation / Technology - 10.05.2019
Top graduating senior an aspiring Elon Musk - minus the tweeting
Tyler Chen hadn't even started his freshman year at UC Berkeley when he began scouting for students on campus with engineering talent.

Physics - Innovation / Technology - 10.05.2019
How an episode of ’Chopped’ led to a fix for future particle accelerators
Bob Zwaska, a scientist at the UChicago-affiliated Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory , was watching a contestant on the cooking show Chopped spin sugar for their dessert when he realized the same principle might be applicable to accelerator targets. The technique he spun out of the idea could hugely boost the power at which future particle accelerators could operate-helping us unlock the secrets of how our universe is built.

Health - Life Sciences - 10.05.2019
1 in 4 cats and 1 in 7 dogs carrying fleas with high levels of bacteria, finds Big Flea Project
1 in 4 cats and 1 in 7 dogs carrying fleas with high levels of bacteria, finds Big Flea Project
As many as 1 in 4 cats and 1 in 7 dogs are carrying fleas, and about 11 per cent of these fleas are infected with potentially pathogenic bacteria, according to a large-scale analysis of owned animals in the UK.

Health - Materials Science - 10.05.2019
Double dipping: Dual-action ’slippery’ catheter fights bacteria
A super-slippery coating being developed at a University of Wisconsin-Madison lab could benefit medical catheters, factory equipment, and even someday, oil tankers.

Transport - Innovation / Technology - 10.05.2019
Predicting Demand Improves Ridesharing Experience for Drivers, Passengers
Ridesharing pricing models are based on supply and demand. When demand spikes, prices surge, and when demand is low, prices are based on a flat base rate.