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Career - 21.01.2020
16,000+ U-M employees supported by research grants, report shows
More than 16,000 employees at the University of Michigan are supported each year by research grants, including about 5,000 students across the Ann Arbor, Dearborn and Flint campuses, according to a new report. Research led by the University of Michigan not only serves the world through groundbreaking discoveries and technologies, but it also plays a critical role in accelerating the economy.

Microtechnics - 21.01.2020
How Bristol drones could help save our most endangered species
How Bristol drones could help save our most endangered species
With funding from Cabot Institute for the Environment , BZS and the EPSRC 's CASCADE grant, a joint team flew to Cameroon in December to trial the use of drones, sensor technologies and deployment techniques to monitor populations of the Critically Endangered Kordofan giraffe at Bénoué National Park.

Environment - Life Sciences - 21.01.2020
May we present: our employees from around the world
May we present: our employees from around the world
The series with Salome Mwaiko , Claire Aksamit , Tim Alexander , Rohini Athavale und Bernhard Wehrli was created as part of a photojournalism course that Christian Dinkel is tanking at the MAZ in Lucerne.

Computer Science / Telecom - 21.01.2020

Life Sciences - 21.01.2020
Cousin took a DNA test? Courts could use it to profile you
Police already use DNA databases to identify suspects, but what if judges used them to inform sentencing decisions' Dr Allan McCay and Christopher Lean investigate. How similar do you think you are to your second cousin? Or your estranged great aunt? Would you like to have people assess your behaviour from what your great aunt has done? How would you feel if courts used data gained from them to decide how you are likely to behave in the future? Scientists are making connections between a person's DNA and their tendencies for certain kinds of behaviour.

Pharmacology - Health - 21.01.2020
American dreams come true for Fulbright scholars
American dreams come true for Fulbright scholars
University of Queensland scientists are heading ‘stateside' with the support of 2020 Fulbright scholarships.

Life Sciences - Environment - 21.01.2020
Walking sharks discovered in the tropics
Four new species of tropical sharks that use their fins to walk are causing a stir in waters off northern Australia and New Guinea.

Health - Life Sciences - 21.01.2020

Pharmacology - Health - 21.01.2020
European Commission approves Roche’s Polivy for people with previously treated aggressive lymphoma
Novel combination regimen includes first-in-class antibody-drug conjugate that specifically targets CD79b Targeted off-the-shelf treatment provides much-needed new option for people with relapsed or

Microtechnics - Computer Science / Telecom - 21.01.2020
The robot that grips without touching
The robot that grips without touching
ETH Pioneer Fellow Marcel Schuck is developing a robotic gripper that can manipulate small and fragile objects without touching them. The technology is based on sound waves. The small installation that Marcel Schuck has assembled on his workbench is reminiscent of a school physics lesson: an arrangement, comprising two semi-spheres and resembling a pair of headphones, is connected to a circuit board carrying microchips.

Social Sciences - Environment - 21.01.2020

Mathematics - 21.01.2020
How a first edition of Principia with Isaac Newton's notes got to Sydney
How a first edition of Principia with Isaac Newton’s notes got to Sydney
First published in 1687, Principia ( Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica ) is one of the most important books on natural philosophy in which Newton establishes the modern science of dynamics and outlines his three laws of motion.

Politics - Social Sciences - 21.01.2020
Blood and politics in India
Blood and politics in India
New book explores the use of blood in political rhetoric, imagery, and activism, and even the politics of blood drives.

Life Sciences - Computer Science / Telecom - 21.01.2020
Hacking life inside and outside the laboratory
Hacking life inside and outside the laboratory
Managing her own synthetic biology project helped graduate student Jesse Tordoff overcome imposter syndrome and hit her stride.

Social Sciences - Business / Economics - 20.01.2020

Pharmacology - Health - 20.01.2020
Novartis announces EU approval of Mayzent (siponimod) for adult patients with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS) with active disease
Patients & Caregivers Healthcare Professionals Society & ESG Mayzent (siponimod) is the first and only oral treatment specifically indicated for patients with secondary progressive multiple s

Physics - Materials Science - 20.01.2020
Nuclear waste could be recycled for diamond battery power
Nuclear waste could be recycled for diamond battery power
A team of physicists and chemists from the University of Bristol hope to recycle radioactive material directly from a former nuclear power plant in Gloucestershire to generate ultra-long-lasting power sources.

Environment - Career - 20.01.2020
Setting fires to avoid fires
Setting fires to avoid fires
Despite having proven effective at reducing wildfire risks, prescribed burns have been stymied by perceived and real risks, regulations and resource shortages. A new analysis highlights ways of overcoming those barriers, offering solutions for wildfire-ravaged landscapes. Australians desperate for solutions to raging wildfires might find them 8,000 miles away, where a new Stanford-led study proposes ways of overcoming barriers to prescribed burns - fires purposefully set under controlled conditions to clear ground fuels.

Business / Economics - 20.01.2020

Environment - Life Sciences - 20.01.2020
Six million hectares of threatened species habitat up in smoke
More than one billion mammals, birds, and reptiles across eastern Australia are estimated to have been affected by the current fire catastrophe.

Computer Science / Telecom - 20.01.2020
New U-M research center to focus on ethical, equitable practices in computing technology
Conduct an internet news search on "artificial intelligence” and interspersed among the steady stream of recent articles about the latest technological experiments, discoveries and promises are

Health - Life Sciences - 20.01.2020
Team win ¤22.5m EU funding to develop rapid test for serious illnesses
Team win ¤22.5m EU funding to develop rapid test for serious illnesses
A rapid test to diagnose severe illnesses, using personalised gene signatures, is being developed by scientists at Imperial College London.

Business / Economics - Life Sciences - 18.01.2020
The Myth of Dominant Thinking in Economics and Finance
The Myth of Dominant Thinking in Economics and Finance
Essere se stessi, che fatica! Teatro e medicina per conoscere la depressione Student association LPU - A debate on the sexual orientation discrimination referendum Formazione continua e aggiornamento

Mathematics - Event - 17.01.2020

Health - 17.01.2020

Life Sciences - Health - 17.01.2020
Seven Questions with... Shail Bhatt
This week MSci Cell Biology student Shail Bhatt shares his experience taking part in UCL's Global Citizenship Programme and as a student quality reviewer where he worked in partnership with staff to improve teaching at UCL.

Health - Pedagogy - 17.01.2020
UChicago surgeon gives cochlear implants to two generations: a father and infant son
The audiologist clicked a link on her computer screen, and 10-month-old Dennis Hill perked up. His eyes began to dart around the room.

Astronomy / Space Science - 17.01.2020
Astrophysical outreach and premier league research: News from the College
Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. From an award for promoting the public understanding of astrophysics to an investigation into football fan injuries, here is some quick-read news from across the College.

Pedagogy - Linguistics / Literature - 17.01.2020

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