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Health - 08.01.2019
New materials designed with people who inject drugs to promote the benefits of low dead space equipment
New posters, a booklet and an animation, co-designed by service users from Bristol Drugs Project, are being launched later this month to promote the benefits of low dead space injecting equipment for people who inject drugs, alongside broader harm reduction messages.

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Pedagogy - 08.01.2019
Introducing Scratch 3.0
Introducing Scratch 3.0
The new version of the popular free coding platform builds on a robust community of kid coders. 0 , a new version of the creative coding platform for kids.

Pharmacology - Health - 08.01.2019
Novartis investigational therapy crizanlizumab (SEG101) receives FDA Breakthrough Therapy designation for the prevention of vaso-occlusive crises in sickle cell disease
Crizanlizumab is a monthly infusion under development to prevent pain crises (also called vaso-occlusive crises, or VOCs) in patients with sickle cell disease   Sickle cell VOCs, which are triggered

Innovation / Technology - 08.01.2019
How writing technology shaped classical thinking
How writing technology shaped classical thinking
Stephanie Frampton's new book explores the written word in the Roman world. The Roman poet Lucretius' epic work "De rerum natura," or "On the Nature of Things," is the oldest surviving scientific treatise written in Latin.

Pharmacology - Health - 07.01.2019
Sandoz and Pear Therapeutics Announce US Launch of reSET-OTM to Help Treat Opioid Use Disorder
ReSET-O(TM)* is the first US FDA-cleared prescription digital therapeutic for patients with Opioid Use Disorder Cleared by the FDA in December, reSET-O is available immediately As part of a broader f

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Pedagogy - Administration - 07.01.2019
Efforts to lift children and families could fit California’s budget, new study says
Awarding parents more time with newborns and easing access to preschool could fit within Gov. Gavin Newsom's first state budget, according to UC Berkeley researchers.

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 07.01.2019
CubeSats joining Hera mission to asteroid system
CubeSats joining Hera mission to asteroid system
ESA > Our Activities > Space Engineering & Technology > Hera When ESA's planned Hera mission journeys to its target binary asteroid system, it will not be alone. The spacecraft will carry two tiny CubeSats for deployment around - and eventual landing on - the Didymos asteroids. Each companion spacecraft will be small enough to fit inside a briefcase, as compared to the desk-sized Hera.

Health - 07.01.2019
Shaping the future of vaping research
PA02/19 Smokers, vapers and non-smokers are being invited to help shape the future of medical research into the safety of e-cigarettes by taking part in a new online survey run by the University of Nottingham's UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies.

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Innovation / Technology - Careers / Employment - 07.01.2019
Eleven EPFL startups in Las Vegas
Eleven EPFL startups in Las Vegas
This week, eleven EPFL startups are in Las Vegas to tout their technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show, one of the largest events of its kind.

Architecture - Administration - 05.01.2019

History / Archeology - 04.01.2019
Stanford scholar examines the roots of human rights
Stanford French Professor Dan Edelstein's new research explores how the concept of human rights developed in Western societies. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These are some of the inalienable rights each person has, according to the U.S. Declaration of Independence. And the United States isn't alone in declaring the rights of its citizens.

Health - 04.01.2019
UChicago Medicine performs historic back-to-back triple-organ transplants
Two 29-year-old patients from Michigan and Illinois are recovering following back-to-back triple-organ transplants to replace their failing hearts, livers and kidneys, marking a first in U.S. health care history.

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Astronomy / Space Science - 04.01.2019
Milky Way heading for catastrophic collision
Milky Way heading for catastrophic collision
The Milky Way is on a collision course with a neighbouring galaxy that could fling our Solar System into space.

Health - 03.01.2019
A father-daughter relationship blooms amid Philippine flora
A father-daughter relationship blooms amid Philippine flora
For many of us, perhaps even most of us, the opportunity to go to college is a way to disconnect, even if ever so slightly, from our parents.

History / Archeology - 03.01.2019
How an alumna helped put Latin American art on the map
Forty years ago, Latin American art was largely unknown beyond Frida Kahlo or Diego Rivera.

Health - Computer Science / Telecom - 03.01.2019
When medicine and computer science join forces
When medicine and computer science join forces
Dissertation prize for physician Dr. med. Robert Seifert, whose MD thesis is based on interdisciplinary collaboration supported by the Cells-in-Motion Cluster of Excellence. Medicine and Computer Science are two disciplines that many people would not automatically associate with each other. For Dr. Robert Seifert, however, they are, as he puts it, "a perfectly normal combination" and closely interlinked.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 03.01.2019
If you like your weather forecast, thank. . . an oceanographer!
The Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science's 2019 Sea Secrets lecture series will feature five free talks by distinguished underwater explorers, researchers, administrators, and swashbucklers.

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Business / Economics - Innovation / Technology - 03.01.2019
Empowering impoverished artisans through fashion
Empowering impoverished artisans through fashion
Soko uses a mobile-based supply chain to give artisans in Kenya access to the fashion world. Soko has established a distinct brand for itself in the hypercompetitive fashion world by selling jewelry and accessories handcrafted by local artisans in Nairobi, Kenya.

Environment - 02.01.2019
The number of single male Magellanic penguins is rising at this breeding colony. Here's why
The number of single male Magellanic penguins is rising at this breeding colony. Here’s why
Like most of their stout-bodied, flippered kin, Magellanic penguins spend much of their lives in the ocean. From late autumn through winter and into spring in the Southern Hemisphere, these South American penguins swim off the coast of southern Brazil, Uruguay and northern Argentina in search of anchovies, sardines and squid.

Health - Innovation / Technology - 02.01.2019
Ers bring scientific discoveries to market
Few people get a bigger whiff of the entrepreneurial spirit taking hold among biosciences faculty members than  Thelma Tennant.

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Careers / Employment - 02.01.2019
How economic theory and the Netflix Prize could make research funding more efficient
As scientific funding becomes increasingly scarce, professors in STEM fields spend more time in their offices writing grant applications: by one estimate , as much as one-fifth of their research time.

Health - Earth Sciences - 02.01.2019
Ing health hazards of volcanic emissions
Ing health hazards of volcanic emissions
Researching health hazards of volcanic emissions There are 1,500 active volcanoes worldwide andKīlauea volcano in Hawaii is one of the most active.

Life Sciences - Physics - 02.01.2019
Pushing the boundaries of the visible
Our cutting-edge technology platforms are key enablers of research at the FMI. One of the biggest of these, with the largest number of users, is the Facility for Advanced Imaging and Microscopy (FAIM). To find out more about the facility, and microscopy in general, we spoke to the joint heads of FAIM - Christel Genoud, who is responsible for Electron Microscopy, and Laurent Gelman, responsible for Light Microscopy.

Health - Computer Science / Telecom - 02.01.2019
Can Kids Game Their Way to Better Health?
A team of researchers is conducting a global study to determine how mobile-virtual reality gaming might help kids develop a healthier diet and lifestyle habits.

Computer Science / Telecom - 02.01.2019