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Architecture - Environment - 29.09.2021

Earth Sciences - Environment - 29.09.2021
On the trail of ocean mercury
On the trail of ocean mercury
Mercury is released by coal combustion and mining activities to the atmosphere as a gaseous pollutant.

Pharmacology - Health - 29.09.2021
Novartis and Medicines for Malaria Venture report positive results for Phase 2b study of novel ganaplacide/lumefantrine combination in children with malaria
Novartis and Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) report positive Phase 2b study results for novel non-artemisinin combination to treat uncomplicated malaria In the Phase 2b study conducted in childre

Pharmacology - Health - 29.09.2021
Opinion: Long-term antidepressant use is effective, but many people can come off them safely
Many people on depressants continue taking them for fear of having a relapse but new research could help doctors and patients make more informed decisions, say Dr Gemma Lewis and Professor Glyn Lewis (both UCL Psychiatry). The number of prescriptions written for antidepressants in wealthy countries has doubled in the past 20 years.

Environment - 29.09.2021
Stop VAT on refurbs and end demolish-and-replace culture, Bath engineering experts say
Engineers respond to National Engineering Policy Centre & Royal Academy of Engineering warning on knocking down useable buildings Last updated on Wednesday 29 September 2021 The Government must remov

Social Sciences - History / Archeology - 29.09.2021

Health - Social Sciences - 29.09.2021
Prevention and early intervention critical to ending the cycle of family mental illness
An international group of researchers led by Monash University have developed a series of principles and recommendations to assist children whose parents are living with a mental illness.

Environment - 29.09.2021
Jaramillo Offers New Tool for Energy Planners
Carnegie Mellon University A team of Carnegie Mellon researchers led by Paulina Jaramillo , a professor of engineering and public policy , has created a new tool to help electrical grid planners design sustainable systems to provide consumers reliable and affordable energy. The team's recent study focused on climate change and electricity system operations in the southeastern United States.

Physics - Computer Science - 28.09.2021
'It increasingly feels like a high-tech race.'
’It increasingly feels like a high-tech race.’
Could quantum technologies really be the next gold rush? ETH Vice President Vanessa Wood and quantum researcher Andreas Wallraff discuss how close we are to putting quantum promises into practice.

Physics - Chemistry - 28.09.2021
STROBE nano-imaging center receives $22.5 million renewal from NSF
The Science and Technology Center on Real-Time Functional Imaging, which UCLA helps to lead and which is tackling major challenges in the sciences and engineering using cutting-edge imaging technologi

Computer Science - 28.09.2021
Creating faster and more efficient data-intensive software applications
The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) is coordinating the European research project ADMIRE, financed by the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU), whose main objective is to promote faster and more efficient data-intensive applications.

Health - Life Sciences - 28.09.2021
In conversation with Silvia Scarabelli, PhD, Regulatory and Clinical Affairs Engineer
The 'in conversation' series features members of the Wyss Center community discussing their work, their collaborations and imagining the future.

Health - Pharmacology - 28.09.2021
Moonshot initiative to develop affordable COVID-19 antivirals gets funding boost
The COVID Moonshot, a non-profit, open-science consortium of scientists from around the world dedicated to the discovery of globally affordable and easily-manufactured antiviral drugs against COVID-1

Administration - Politics - 28.09.2021
UPF implements the Ethical Line, based on Barcelona City Council’s Ethical Mailbox model
UPF becomes the first Catalan university to incorporate this digital communication channel, which has been operating since July, as a guarantee of and a complement to the mechanisms set forth in its Code of Ethics.

Life Sciences - Health - 28.09.2021
New mouse model for studying the cognitive protection mechanisms in Alzheimer's
New mouse model for studying the cognitive protection mechanisms in Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer's is a neurodegenerative disease that features the accumulation of the beta-amyloid peptide and Tau protein in the brain, which are associated with deficits in the neuronal connections and with dementia. However, researchers have recently discovered a type of people that despite the accumulation of these molecules, they do not develop dementia: the NDAN patients (non-Demented with Alzheimer's disease Neuropathology).

Physics - Computer Science - 28.09.2021

Life Sciences - Psychology - 28.09.2021
Synchrony through touch
Synchrony through touch
Study examines the role of touch and proximity on the mutual adaptation of brain activity and heart rhythms in mothers and babies Touch is fundamental to interpersonal communication.

Computer Science - 28.09.2021
U-M lab awarded $13.2M grant to help thwart substance abuse disorders
A University of Michigan lab focused on developing cutting-edge methods to inform effective interventions for drug abuse, HIV and other chronic conditions has been awarded a $13.2 million grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Environment - 28.09.2021
Win-win: plan supports farmers to save Australia’s species
A national plan to restore habitat on marginal farming land would fight climate change, prevent species loss and put money in farmers' pockets, according to a team of University of Queensland-led sci

Physics - Campus - 28.09.2021
Mastering the unknown
Mastering the unknown
Two years ago, ETH launched the innovative Master's degree in quantum engineering. Now the first cohort of students is nearing the end of the programme.

Environment - Chemistry - 28.09.2021
Prestigious award for Urs von Gunten
Prestigious award for Urs von Gunten
Eawag scientist and EPFL professor Urs von Gunten is to receive the prestigious ACS Award for Creative Advances in Environmental Science and Technology.

Economics / Business - Career - 28.09.2021
The furlough scheme has minimised household financial distress says new study
The furlough scheme has minimised household financial distress says new study
As the Job Retention Scheme (Furlough) is coming to an end in the UK, a paper published by the University of Birmingham concluded the government designed scheme preserves a worker's job during the CO

Event - 28.09.2021

Social Sciences - 28.09.2021

Campus - Physics - 28.09.2021
Caldicot Students and Techniquest inspire tomorrow’s engineers
Enterprising Caldicot School students who designed a winning Techniquest exhibit have visited their compound semiconductor-themed creation in Cardiff Bay.

Computer Science - Campus - 28.09.2021

Campus - Materials Science - 28.09.2021
Unbreakable glass inspired by seashells
Scientists from McGill University develop stronger and tougher glass, inspired by the inner layer of mollusk shells. Instead of shattering upon impact, the new material has the resiliency of plastic and could be used to improve cell phone screens in the future, among other applications. While techniques like tempering and laminating can help reinforce glass, they are costly and no longer work once the surface is damaged.

Physics - Materials Science - 28.09.2021
$1.8M to develop room temperature, controllable quantum nanomaterials
$1.8M to develop room temperature, controllable quantum nanomaterials
Project could pave way for compact quantum computing, communications as well as efficient UV lamps for sterilization, air purification An effort to create quantum semiconductors that operate at room temperature has been awarded $1.8 million by the National Science Foundation.

Campus - Economics / Business - 28.09.2021
Cass coasters: Reclaiming glass and wood and purpose
Brandon Carmichael came to Green Industries without a lot of work experience, but now has manufacturing know-how thanks to a product University of Michigan students designed to help homeless men and those with disabilities learn valuable job skills.
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