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Philosophy - Politics - 10.12.2018
Lab explores universal basic income
Stanford philosopher Juliana Bidadanure is leading an initiative focused on fostering discussions about universal basic income and analyzing previous and ongoing unconditional cash experiments across the world.

Agronomy / Food Science - Sport Sciences - 10.12.2018
Agricultural economist Timothy Josling dies at age 78
Timothy Josling, a professor emeritus at the former Food Research Institute known for his encyclopedic knowledge of international agricultural policy, died on Nov.

Business / Economics - 10.12.2018

Health - Innovation / Technology - 10.12.2018
$8 million project to prepare for Disease X
Imperial College London and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations have formed a partnership to help protect against Disease X. The $8.4million project will develop technol

Health - Pharmacology - 08.12.2018
Novartis data demonstrates consistent efficacy and tolerability of Kisqali combination therapy in HR+/HER2- advanced breast cancer in patients with difficult-to-treat visceral disease
  Subgroup analyses of three pivotal Phase III MONALEESA trials showed Kisqali plus endocrine therapy extended PFS in all patients with and without visceral involvement compared to endocrine therapy

Health - Innovation / Technology - 07.12.2018

Innovation / Technology - Business / Economics - 07.12.2018
£24m Nottingham research facility opens to transform UK manufacturing in the digital age
With manufacturing on the cusp of a technological revolution, a flagship research facility is opening its doors at the University of Nottingham to help future-proof UK industry in a competitive global market.

Careers / Employment - Administration - 07.12.2018
Ghent University is changing course with a new career model for professorial staff (ZAP)
Ghent University dares to think. Ghent University also dares to push its own boundaries. On December 7 the Board of Governors has approved a new career and evaluation model for professorial staff (ZAP) as well as the accompanying regulations.

Politics - 07.12.2018
Nottingham expert puts museum collection under the spotlight
The stories behind objects in People's History Museum's vast collection have been given a fresh perspective and relevance for contemporary audiences.

Sport Sciences - 07.12.2018
What it’s like to be the highest-ranking woman in Major League Baseball
When Kim Ng, AB'90, started working for the Chicago White Sox in 1990, entering statistical information about players into a computer was a labor-intensive process and "still a bit of a novelty," she said.

Event - Literature / Linguistics - 07.12.2018

Health - Life Sciences - 07.12.2018

Life Sciences - Health - 07.12.2018
’Chemo brain’ caused by malfunction in three types of brain cells
Three types of cells in the brain's white matter show interwoven problems during the cognitive dysfunction that follows treatment with the cancer drug methotrexate, Stanford neuroscientists have found.

Life Sciences - Computer Science / Telecom - 07.12.2018

Life Sciences - Pharmacology - 07.12.2018
Dandelion rubber gets ready for the market
Dandelion rubber gets ready for the market
Research done by Prof. Dirk Prüfer and his team makes transfer possible / "Taraxagum project is an outstanding example of the way that Münster University stands for top-level research" Years ago, the idea sounded anything from weird to audacious: manufacturing car tyres from dandelions.

Business / Economics - 07.12.2018

Environment - 07.12.2018

Astronomy / Space Science - Environment - 07.12.2018
NASA’s TEMPO Air Pollution Space Sensor Completed
The Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution (TEMPO) instrument, an Earth science space instrument that will measure air pollution over North America, has successfully completed development by Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp.

Astronomy / Space Science - 07.12.2018

Pharmacology - Health - 07.12.2018
FDA approves Roche’s Tecentriq in combination with Avastin and chemotherapy for the initial treatment of people with a specific type of metastatic lung cancer
Approval based on survival benefit of Tecentriq in combination with Avastin, paclitaxel and carboplatin (chemotherapy) in people with metastatic non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) with n

Law / Forensics - Event - 07.12.2018

Politics - Sport Sciences - 06.12.2018
Senior explores opportunities in China
Senior explores opportunities in China
Yvonne Lee, '19, spent 10 weeks interning at the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy in Beijing, China.

Sport Sciences - Politics - 06.12.2018
Exploring opportunities in China
Yvonne Lee, '19, spent 10 weeks interning at the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy in Beijing, China.

Physics - 06.12.2018
Stanford theoretical physicist Shoucheng Zhang dies at 55
Zhang was a rare theorist who concerned himself with the implications of his abstract ideas about new quantum states of matter on experiments and future technologies. Facebook Twitter Email Shoucheng Zhang, the J.G. Jackson and C.J. Wood Professor in Physics at Stanford University whose research on the quantum physics of many interacting electrons led to the predictions of new phenomena and exotic states of matter, died on Dec.

Innovation / Technology - Environment - 06.12.2018
Drones work alongside humans in new Imperial-led Centre
Imperial and Materials Science Institute Empa have launched a centre for independent flying robots who will carry out building maintenance work.

Health - Event - 06.12.2018
Half a million for cardiovascular anomalies research
The first Generet Award, which was launched this year, has gone to Professor Miikka Vikkula (de Duve Institute - UCLouvain) for his research seeking a genetic explanation for vascular anomalies.

Astronomy / Space Science - 06.12.2018
Ariane 6 on the way to flight
Ariane 6 on the way to flight
ESA Space Transportation Launch vehicles Europe's Spaceport New Technologies Space Rider 6 December 2018 This has been an intense year for Ariane 6 development, with progress boosted across Europe: p

Religions - 06.12.2018
Bible Readings Help Create New Multilingual Dataset
New resource can be used to build text-to-speech systems for hundreds of languages It's the Christmas season, which means that beloved Bible verses are being read and recited innumerable times - and in a vast number of languages. The Bible's global reach as evidenced this time of year has enabled a Carnegie Mellon University professor to create a language resource that could enhance communication in hundreds of languages.

Transport - 06.12.2018
Research Drives Economic Case for Electric Semi-Trucks
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University say the time has come to start investing in electric semi-trailer trucks.

Innovation / Technology - Business / Economics - 06.12.2018
Company With CMU Roots Turns Smart Devices into Smoke Detectors
Carnegie Mellon University alumnus Steve Davis was on a camping trip with his son when a fire broke out in his home.

Life Sciences - 06.12.2018
Acrobatic geckos can even race on water's surface
Acrobatic geckos can even race on water’s surface
Geckos are renowned for their acrobatic feats on land and in the air, but a new discovery that they can also run on water puts them in the superhero category, says a University of California, Berkeley, biologist. "They can run up a wall at a meter per second, they can glide, they can right themselves in midair with a twist of their tail and rapidly invert under a leaf running at full speed.

Health - Innovation / Technology - 06.12.2018
Digital technology in management of Huntington’s
Researchers at Cardiff University are exploring how digital technologies, such as wearable fitness trackers, can be used to help people with Huntington's disease (HD) manage their symptoms. As part of a £16 million collaboration to address the health and social care of people with diseases of the brain, Professor Monica Busse, from Cardiff University's Centre for Trials Research, will lead an international team who will assess how sleep, nutrition and physical activity impact HD.

Physics - Administration - 06.12.2018
EU grants 14 million to Swiss Researchers
Fuelling the next quantum revolution with the research project HERO An ERC Grant is the most prestigious award for excellent European research projects. A team with three researchers from the ETH Domain had also applied for such a grant. Today, Gabriel Aeppli from the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI, Henrik Rønnow from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne EPFL and Nicola Spaldin from ETH Zurich, together with their colleague Alexander Balatsky from Nordita, Stockholm University, received the contract signed by the EU confirming the extraordinary 14 million euro funding.

Environment - Administration - 06.12.2018
Four researchers from the University of Bern are awarded EU research prizes
Four researchers from the University of Bern are awarded EU research prizes
Four of the highly-regarded "ERC Consolidator Grants", the research prizes of the European Research Council (ERC), have been awarded to researchers at the University of Bern.

Health - 06.12.2018
Final report of the Mental Health Act Review accepted by Government
The Independent Review of the Mental Health Act, chaired by Professor Sir Simon Wessely, has published its final report and the Government has committed to bring forward legislative changes in line with the Review's recommendations.

Astronomy / Space Science - 06.12.2018
Learning from lunar lights
Learning from lunar lights
ESA Operations Ground Systems Engineering Space Debris SSA Ground stations ESOC Clean Space ESA > Our Activities > Operations > Space Situational Awareness 6 December 2018 Every few hours obser

Veterinary Science - 06.12.2018
New initiative launched for bone injury prevention in racehorses
The University of Melbourne will begin a new research project to create a better understanding of bone fatigue injuries in race horses.

Business / Economics - Environment - 06.12.2018

Administration - 06.12.2018
Report reassesses MIT’s relationship with Saudi Arabia
MIT community is invited to comment. Today,  MIT Associate Provost for International Activities Richard Lester emailed the MIT community a preliminary report making recommendations regarding the Institute's current engagements with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.