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Administration - 20.02.2019
Q&A: Why cities aren't working for the working class
Q&A: Why cities aren’t working for the working class
Professor David Autor's latest research shows how economic polarization stems from urban job loss.

Computer Science / Telecom - 20.02.2019
Putting data privacy in the hands of users
Putting data privacy in the hands of users
New platform acts as a gatekeeper to ensure web services adhere to a user's custom data restrictions. A new platform developed by MIT and Harvard University researchers ensures that web services adhere to users' preferences on how their data are stored and shared in the cloud. In today's world of cloud computing, users of mobile apps and web services store personal data on remote data center servers.

Life Sciences - Health - 20.02.2019
What role should genetics research play in education?
What role should genetics research play in education?
Scholars from Stanford's Graduate School of Education discuss why parents, educators and policymakers must make sure that as genetics research expands into education, it does not undermine the massive role environments play in a child's development and learning outcomes.

Materials Science - Innovation / Technology - 20.02.2019
Support through
Support through "BRIDGE Discovery"
Portable sensors that prevent injuries to skin and tissue should allow a patient to lie for an extended period of time: With this project, researchers from Empa and the University of Bern were successful in the current call for proposals for BRIDGE funding from the SNF and Innosuisse.

Event - Administration - 20.02.2019
Putting scholars in conversation with policymakers
Putting scholars in conversation with policymakers
The Hoover Institution's Washington office offers a place for policymakers and political scientists to ask big-picture questions.

Astronomy / Space Science - Mathematics - 20.02.2019
Engineer's work helps propel aircraft to hypersonic speeds
Engineer’s work helps propel aircraft to hypersonic speeds
Understanding the underlying principles behind flight at extreme speeds could help propel people across the globe more quickly or to distant planets. After the moon landing in 1969, scientists next set their sights on Mars, but the rising costs of the Vietnam War stalled the Apollo program's future and put the idea on hold for decades.

Life Sciences - 20.02.2019
Australia’s 10 worst invasive species
Research has shown that invasive or pest species are a major problem for four out of five Australian threatened species, with rabbits, feral pigs and cats among the most destructive.

History / Archeology - 19.02.2019
Black history cemetery tour highlights Berkeley alumni, other memorable lives
Black history cemetery tour highlights Berkeley alumni, other memorable lives
In 1849, a man named Abraham Holland packed up his things and left his life on the East Coast for California, in hopes that he'd strike it rich. The year before, gold had been discovered in the Sierr

Innovation / Technology - Computer Science / Telecom - 19.02.2019

Mathematics - Computer Science / Telecom - 19.02.2019
Three CMU Faculty Members Receive Sloan Research Fellowships
Florian Frick, an assistant professor in Carnegie Mellon University's Department of Mathematical Sciences ; Bernhard Haeupler, assistant professor in the Computer Science Department ; Hosein Mohimani

Innovation / Technology - Environment - 19.02.2019
New residential solar panels deliver record-breaking efficiency
New residential solar panels deliver record-breaking efficiency
The solar panels developed by startup Insolight boast an impressive 29% yield - a record for the retail market. These systems, which have now been standardized for mass production, contain lenses that focus sunlight on tiny high-yield photovoltaic cells, employing what is a pioneering approach for the solar-power industry.

Life Sciences - Earth Sciences - 19.02.2019
Four University of Chicago scientists awarded Sloan Fellowships
Four University of Chicago faculty members have earned prestigious Sloan Research Fellowships , awarded to early-career scholars whose achievements and potential mark them as the next scientific leaders.

Innovation / Technology - Astronomy / Space Science - 19.02.2019
Interactive space simulation for nanosatellites
Interactive space simulation for nanosatellites
ESA > Our Activities > Telecommunications & Integrated Applications Pioneer partner Open Cosmos are taking mission development to a new dimension, using a virtual reality-like simulation that replicates life in orbit for space technologies.

Astronomy / Space Science - Academic Rankings - 19.02.2019
World top six ranking for space science
World top six ranking for space science
Durham University's astrophysicists have been ranked joint sixth in the world for the quality and influence of their research in space science.

Environment - 19.02.2019
Fly larvae make biowaste disposal more climate friendly
Fly larvae make biowaste disposal more climate friendly
As the world's population continues to grow, the piles of biowaste also tower higher and higher.

Pharmacology - Health - 19.02.2019
FDA grants priority review to Roche’s polatuzumab vedotin in previously treated aggressive lymphoma
Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma is an aggressive type of blood cancer that typically becomes harder to treat each time it returns Polatuzumab vedotin has shown significant potential to improve outcomes

Pharmacology - Health - 19.02.2019
FDA grants Priority Review to Roche’s personalised medicine entrectinib
Roche today announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has accepted the company's New Drug Applications (NDAs) and granted Priority Review for entrectinib for the treatment of adult and

Health - 19.02.2019
NHS middle managers ‘improve efficiency’ according to new research
Contrary to popular belief, having more NHS managers improves efficiency and the quality of healthcare provided in hospitals.

Health - Life Sciences - 19.02.2019
Low-income undocumented adults are largely locked out of health care in California
Implementation of the Affordable Care Act cut in half the percentage of low-income, uninsured Californians under age 65, from 23 percent in 2013 to 11 percent in 2016-17.

Computer Science / Telecom - Innovation / Technology - 19.02.2019
Engineers create prototype computer-on-a-chip
Stanford researchers led an international research team that figured out how to pack many of the functions of an entire computer onto a single chip.

Chemistry - 19.02.2019
Chemical engineering challenges plastic pollution
The growing problem of plastic pollution is an issue being tackled by chemical engineers at The University of Queensland in conjunction with government and industry.

Agronomy / Food Science - Life Sciences - 18.02.2019

Health - 18.02.2019
More needs to be done to raise awareness of lung cancer risk in people with COPD
People with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) need more support when understanding and acting on new chest symptoms, a study in the journal Psycho-Oncology reports. ‌‌‌ During this unique study, led by the University of Glasgow and University of Surrey, researchers investigated how the experience of COPD, influences how individuals understand new or changing chest symptoms and their decision to seek help from medical professionals.

Environment - 18.02.2019
Returning lost eagle species to Wales
Research taking place in Wales could see the return of lost eagle species to our countryside, bringing both conservation and economic benefits.

Health - Innovation / Technology - 18.02.2019

Chemistry - Careers / Employment - 18.02.2019
"Our trainees should use the opportunities they are given here"
In addition to providing facilities for studies and research, the University of Münster offers apprenticeships and vocational training in 19 different occupations - from gardener to IT systems technician.

Health - Agronomy / Food Science - 18.02.2019
EPFL promotes personalized nutrition with Food & You
EPFL promotes personalized nutrition with Food & You
EPFL's Digital Epidemiology Laboratory has launched Food & You - one of Switzerland's first citizen science initiatives on personalized nutrition. The study aims to create a digital cohort that will help scientists develop nutritional guidelines that can be personalized to specific individuals. Several studies over the past few years have shown that what constitutes a healthy diet for an individual depends to some extent on his or her physiology and lifestyle.

Careers / Employment - 18.02.2019

Pharmacology - 18.02.2019
Testing pain relief treatments for whiplash
Testing pain relief treatments for whiplash
Researchers are investigating the effectiveness of non-opioid pain relief for people with acute whiplash.

Health - 15.02.2019
Introduction of flat-rate payments accompanied by an increase in readmission rates
Introduction of flat-rate payments accompanied by an increase in readmission rates
Seven years after the introduction of flat-rate payments at Swiss hospitals, a major study has revealed a slight increase in readmission rates. Researchers from the University of Basel and the Cantonal Hospital of Aarau reported the findings in the journal JAMA Network Open. In January 2012, a flat-rate payment structure for inpatient hospital services was introduced across Switzerland in the form of the Swiss Diagnosis Related Groups (SwissDRG).

Careers / Employment - 15.02.2019

Health - Careers / Employment - 15.02.2019

Life Sciences - Health - 15.02.2019
Plant biologist Winslow Briggs dies at 90
A global leader in plant genetics and physiology, Briggs published landmark research on the molecular mechanisms that plants and other organisms use to sense and respond to light.

Environment - Business / Economics - 15.02.2019
What rising seas mean for local economies
High-tide flooding resulting from climate change is already disrupting the economy of Annapolis, Maryland. As sea levels rise, the impacts are expected to get worse for coastal communities. Impacts from climate change are not always easy to see. But for many local businesses in coastal communities across the United States, the evidence is right outside their doors - or in their parking lots.