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Social Sciences - 27.08.2021

Social Sciences - Innovation - 27.08.2021

Psychology - 27.08.2021
First aid for mental health problems
University of Jena sets up mental health first aid team and provides information on mental health on a new website Working in science can lead to a high level of psychological stress.

Environment - Media - 27.08.2021
Uncertainty spurs scientific progress
SUMMER SERIES: HOW SCIENCE WORKS - Citizens and scientists have two very different ways of reasoning. While citizens find comfort in certainty, scientists need to continually challenge the facts. Is it possible for these two groups to find common ground? Research is by nature a dynamic process. Scientists start with an observation, make a hypothesis, test the hypothesis through experiments, analyze the results, and form a conclusion.

Health - 27.08.2021
Ten organisations account for nearly half of all animal research in Great Britain
Understanding Animal Research (UAR), an organisation that promotes open communications about animal research, has published a list of the ten organisations in Great Britain that carry out the highest number of animal procedures - those used in medical, veterinary, and scientific research, of which The University of Manchester is one.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 27.08.2021
New maps forecast impacts of climate change
An estimated £1.2 billion of Scotland's buildings, transport infrastructure, cultural and natural heritage may be at risk of coastal erosion by 2050, according to new research.

Astronomy / Space Science - Chemistry - 27.08.2021
Unravelling the mystery of brown dwarfs
Unravelling the mystery of brown dwarfs
An international team, led by the UNIGE, has investigated five astronomical objects that could help us understand the mysterious nature of brown dwarfs.

Life Sciences - Health - 27.08.2021
Rice lab dives deep for DNA’s secrets
Yang Gao wins NIH support for study of atom-scale mechanisms and disease-causing mutations The poor bacteriophages in Yang Gao's lab are about to have a lot of bad days.

Campus - Health - 27.08.2021

Environment - Campus - 27.08.2021
Global sand and gravel extraction conflicts with half of UN Sustainable Development Goals
Growing global demand for overlooked natural resources has implications for health, the environment and society in lowand middle-income countries Sediment mining in the Goyain River in northern Bangladesh .

Economics / Business - 27.08.2021
Plunge in confidence due to economics, emotions
Consumer sentiment fell in August by 13.4% from July, recording the least favorable economic prospects in more than a decade, according to the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers.

Architecture - 26.08.2021
'We play ping pong with the tree'
’We play ping pong with the tree’
Interview with Prof. Ferdinand Ludwig on functional greenery in the urban environment More urban green helps to cool down cities.

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 26.08.2021
The mysterious, invisible object that keeps our galaxy in motion
What secrets are held by the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way? Andrea Ghez, astronomer and Nobel Laureate in Physics, will discuss this question as part of next week's Paul Bernays Lectures 2021.

Health - Pharmacology - 26.08.2021
Global COVID-19 surgery study scoops scientific world record
Global COVID-19 surgery study scoops scientific world record
A study led by University of Birmingham experts has been awarded the Guinness World Records title for the world's largest scientific collaboration - involving over 140,000 patients in 116 countries.

Social Sciences - Health - 26.08.2021

Life Sciences - Health - 26.08.2021
Massive Study Links Nearly 600 Genomic Regions to Self-Regulating Behaviors
Researchers have identified 579 locations in the human genome associated with a predisposition to self-regulation-related behaviors, including addiction and child behavioral problems. With data from 1.5 million people of European descent, the effort is considered to be one of the largest genome-wide association studies to date.

Environment - Life Sciences - 26.08.2021
'LéXPLORE brings together researchers from different disciplines - that's fantastic'
’LéXPLORE brings together researchers from different disciplines - that’s fantastic’
There has been a floating laboratory on Lake Geneva called LéXPLORE since 2019.

Health - Pharmacology - 26.08.2021
Woman who has lived with 30 year cough receives world-first dose of potential new treatment
A 70-year-old woman, forced to live with cough since her 40s, is 'excited' to be the first person in the world to receive a potential new cough treatment at the NIHR Manchester Clinical Research Facility (CRF) .

Life Sciences - Transport - 26.08.2021
UZH and Airbus to Grow Miniature Human Tissue on the International Space Station (ISS)
UZH and Airbus to Grow Miniature Human Tissue on the International Space Station (ISS)
UZH Space Hub and Airbus Defence and Space are sending an experiment into space on the next resupply flight to the International Space Station (ISS) with the aim of advancing the industrial production of human tissue in microgravity.

Health - Pharmacology - 26.08.2021

Physics - Computer Science - 26.08.2021

Career - Innovation - 26.08.2021
ABPDU Celebrates a Decade of Bio-Innovation
ABPDU Celebrates a Decade of Bio-Innovation
The scale-up facility takes a look back at its success enabling the bioeconomy -By Emily Scott T en years ago, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory announced the opening of a brand new, 15,000-squar

Environment - 26.08.2021
What happens If We Don’t Act Now on climate change?
Climate change researchers around the world are being encouraged to create videos addressing their environmental concerns and potential solutions ahead of the COP26 conference.

Astronomy / Space Science - Computer Science - 26.08.2021

Life Sciences - Health - 26.08.2021
Brain Organoids Mimic Head Size Changes Associated with Type of Autism
Stem cell models derived from people with specific genomic variation recapitulate aspects of their autism spectrum disorder, providing a valuable model to study the condition and look for therapeutic

Campus - Administration - 26.08.2021

Life Sciences - Health - 25.08.2021
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