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Environment - Economics / Business - 13.10.2020
Mental accounting is impacting sustainable behavior
Mental accounting is impacting sustainable behavior
UNIGE psychologists are analysing the way our minds plan the use of resources so that interventions can be developed to reduce excessive energy consumption and carbon emissions. Mental accounting is a concept that describes the mental processes we employ to organise our resource use. Human beings tend to create separate mental budget compartments where specific acts of consumption and payments are linked.

Health - Pharmacology - 13.10.2020
Safely on the way to effective tumour cell killing
Safely on the way to effective tumour cell killing
Scientists at the University of Göttingen develop drug for antibody tumour therapy Chemists at the University of Göttingen have developed new cytotoxic drugs which could revolutionise antibody-based tumour therapy approaches. The research team succeeded in modifying the natural product Duocarmycin into -prodrug- formats - which means that it only develops its effect once inside the tumour cell, thus reducing the likelihood of potential side effects on passage through the body.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 13.10.2020
Tweed Valley a 'natural laboratory' to test carbon sequestration theory
Tweed Valley a ’natural laboratory’ to test carbon sequestration theory
An idea to enhance natural carbon capture from olivine weathering has never been tested at scale. University of Sydney geoscientists have proposed the Tweed Valley as a laboratory and gained some interesting initial results. Geoscientists at the University of Sydney have discovered a natural laboratory to test claims that the carbon captured during the erosion and weathering of common rocks could be a viable mitigation strategy against global warming.

Chemistry - Environment - 13.10.2020
Using electric current to stabilize low-permeability soils
Using electric current to stabilize low-permeability soils
Scientists have developed a new approach to stabilizing clay soils. The method involves using a battery-like system to apply electric current to carbonate and calcium ions in order to promote soil consolidation. Their findings were published yesterday in Scientific Reports. According to figures released by the UN yesterday, natural disasters have killed more than 1.2 million people since 2000 and cost nearly $ 3 trillion.These pressing threats bring into sharp focus the need for new answers to the problem of soil stabilization.

Health - Psychology - 13.10.2020
Therapy dog helps give counselling jitters the lick
Therapy dog helps give counselling jitters the lick
A little puppy love is helping University of Queensland students experiencing a ‘ruff' time improve their mental health and wellbeing. UQ's Canine Co-Counselling program is enlisting the help of a trained therapy dog and their handler during special counselling sessions to support students experiencing difficulties including stress, anxiety or depression, grief, social isolation or trauma.

Health - Life Sciences - 12.10.2020
Characterizing COVID-19 Antibodies for Potential Treatments
Characterizing COVID-19 Antibodies for Potential Treatments
New research led by Caltech has characterized a multitude of antibodies to the virus that causes COVID-19 and identified those that are most effective at neutralizing the virus. Antibodies are proteins produced by the body in response to infection. Ultimately, it is hoped that potent antibodies like the ones described in this study can be given as treatment or prevention for COVID-19.

Life Sciences - 12.10.2020
Brain imaging can predict childhood weight gain
A greater density of cells in a key reward center of the brain is associated with obesity in children and predicts future weight gain, a new Yale-led study finds. The findings, published Oct. 12 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggest that a greater concentration of specialized cells in a brain region called the nucleus accumbens may indicate an inflammatory response in the brain arising from a poor diet and excessive calorie intake.

Life Sciences - Health - 12.10.2020
Dopamine and serotonin’s roles in rapid perception discovered
The neurochemicals dopamine and serotonin are involved in perception, working at sub-second speeds to shape how people perceive the world and take action, finds a new study co-led by UCL researchers. The findings, published in Neuron , demonstrate for the first time in humans that two neurochemicals best known for their roles in reward processing also integrate people's perceptions of the world with their actions.

Computer Science - 12.10.2020
Machine learning helps to predict new violence hot spots
Violence reduction strategies, which have traditionally focused on pubs and nightclubs, need to be broadened to include places where alcohol is not served if they are to be effective, a new study has suggested. Researchers from Cardiff University's Violence Research Group gathered data from 10 city centres across England and Wales and used machine learning to map the distribution of reported incidents of violent crime against alcohol outlets and, crucially, locations where alcohol is not sold.

Civil Engineering - 12.10.2020
Newest housing least comfortable during lockdown
People living in housing built in the last 10 years were more likely to report feeling uncomfortable in their home during lockdown, while those in pre-1919 developments were most likely to be comfortable, according to a new report led by UCL researchers. The research team surveyed 2,500 households across the UK to find out how the design of their homes and neighbourhoods affected their experience of lockdown.

Physics - Materials Science - 12.10.2020
Well-formed disorder for versatile light technologies
Well-formed disorder for versatile light technologies
Researchers at ETH have managed to make an efficient material for broadband frequency doubling of light using microspheres made of disordered nanocrystals. The crucial idea for the method arose during a coffee break. In the future, the new approach could be used in lasers and other light technologies.

Computer Science - Physics - 12.10.2020
New virtual reality software allows scientists to 'walk' inside cells
New virtual reality software allows scientists to ’walk’ inside cells
Virtual reality software which allows researchers to 'walk' inside and analyse individual cells could be used to understand fundamental problems in biology and develop new treatments for disease.

Environment - Life Sciences - 12.10.2020
Carnivores living near people feast on human food, threatening ecosystems
Researchers collected bone and fur samples from almost 700 carnivores across four Great Lakes states (top) to compare their diets to the extent of human development, which varied from minimal to urban sprawl (bottom). Phil Manlick.

Environment - Chemistry - 12.10.2020
Making Heads or Tails Out of Phospholipid Synthesis
Breakthrough research adds to the understanding of creating lipids in artificial cells and of the origins and evolution of cellular membranes Luping Liu, from the Devaraj Research Group at UC San Diego, holds a sample of water from a natural alkaline source—Mono Lake, California. Photo courtesy of Luping Liu.

Social Sciences - 12.10.2020
Researchers launch first study into COVID bereavement among BAME people
A pioneering study into people's experience of bereavement during the COVID-19 pandemic has been launched by researchers from the universities of Cardiff and Bristol. The study is calling for participants, particularly those from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds following the disproportionate effect COVID-19 has had on ethnic minority groups.

Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 12.10.2020
New Device for Detecting Traumatic Brain Injury ’On the Spot’
A method for detecting traumatic brain injury at the point of care has been developed by scientists at the University of Birmingham. Using chemical biomarkers released by the brain immediately after a head injury occurs, researchers are able to pinpoint when patients need urgent medical attention. This saves time in delivering vital treatment and avoids patients undergoing unnecessary tests where no injury has occurred.

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 12.10.2020
Death by Spaghettification: Scientists Record Last Moments of Star Devoured by a Black Hole
A rare blast of light, emitted by a star as it is sucked in by a supermassive black hole, has been spotted by scientists using telescopes from around the world. The phenomenon, known as a tidal disruption event, is the closest flare of its kind yet recorded, occurring just 215 million light-years from Earth.

Law - 12.10.2020
’Universal law of touch’ will enable new advances in Virtual Reality
Seismic waves, commonly associated with earthquakes, have been used by scientists to develop a universal scaling law for the sense of touch. A team, led by researchers at the University of Birmingham, used Rayleigh waves to create the first scaling law for touch sensitivity. The results are published in Science Advances .

Computer Science - Physics - 12.10.2020
When human and machine agree
When human and machine agree
A human research team and a machine learning algorithm have found that we need to rethink much of what we know about iridium oxide.

Administration - 12.10.2020
NASA-style caution needed before allowing research to influence policy
NASA-style caution needed before allowing research to influence policy
Behavioural science should undergo rigorous testing and review before it informs public policy such as government responses to COVID-19, according to a paper in Nature Human Behaviour :  Use caution when applying behavioural science to policy . Professor  Andrew K. Przybyls ki, director of research at  Oxford's Internet Institute , is joint lead author of the paper, which recommends NASA's Technology Readiness levels be used to ensure new ideas are adequately tested before being adopted by governments and politicians.

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