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Economics / Business - 26.01.2023
Changing letterbox stickers from YES to NO reduces paper waste in Amsterdam
Changing letterbox stickers from YES to NO reduces paper waste in Amsterdam
Sorry! De informatie die je zoekt, is enkel beschikbaar in het Engels. You are not logged in yet to My study choice Portal. Login or create an account to save your programmes. A recent study by the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) at VU Amsterdam shows that changing letterbox stickers from a system based on refusal (NO) to a system based on permission (YES) results in a 5-10% reduction in paper waste in the Dutch capital.

Economics / Business - 25.01.2023
Gap between rich and poor has increased more quickly in the US than in Europe
Wealth inequality in the United States has increased more quickly than in Europe in the last 50 years, according to a new Imperial study. The wealth gap was partly due to significant rises in stock market prices, according to the new study from Imperial College Business School , published in the Journal of Monetary Economics.

Environment - Economics / Business - 25.01.2023
Sustainable development key to stop extinction of carnivores
The best way to prevent the extinction of carnivores, such as lynx, bears and lions, is by encouraging a sustainable model of social and economic development, rather than focusing only on issues such as climate change, researchers say After studying 50 species of large carnivores over 50 years, it was discovered that social and economic factors, such as people's quality of life, were more closely associated with declines of these species, than p

Mechanical Engineering - Economics / Business - 19.01.2023
UT and Netherlands Defence Academy expand research into smart maintenance
Previous article Next article Using data to predict the best moments to perform maintenance on systems and machines, that is -smart maintenance-.

Economics / Business - Health - 13.01.2023
Addressing online gambling harms across sub-Saharan Africa
Addressing online gambling harms across sub-Saharan Africa
A new study funded by the British Academy and Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) has reported that governments across Sub-Saharan Africa are struggling to keep pace with the mass expansion of gambling, brought about through online technologies and smartphone apps. An international team, coordinated by the universities of Glasgow, Ghana and Bath, in partnership with the Malawi Epidemiology and Intervention Research Unit (MEIRU), reviewed existing policies in place to regulate the gambling industry across 49 countries.

Economics / Business - Health - 12.01.2023
Study refutes industry claims that ban on menthol cigarettes leads to increased use of illegal smokes
Study refutes industry claims that ban on menthol cigarettes leads to increased use of illegal smokes
A new research study has found that banning menthol cigarettes does not lead more smokers to purchase menthols from illicit sources, contradicting claims made by the tobacco industry that the proposed ban of menthol cigarettes in the U.S. by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will lead to a significant increase in illicit cigarettes.

Economics / Business - 10.01.2023
Poetry and meditation power new research understanding - study
Poetry and meditation power new research understanding - study
Combining poetry and meditation may help researchers to discover new angles on the world through an unorthodox approach to data collection and analysis. ' Poetic meditation ' can enhance qualitative data analysis by offering researchers improved sensory experience and an ability to approach data analysis from unexpected directions, a new study reveals.

Economics / Business - 09.01.2023
’Keeping up with the Joneses’
The inequality gap is increasing and so is conspicuous consumption By Wendy Philpott University Relations Our very human tendency to want to "keep up with the Joneses" is as apparent today as ever. In fact, research shows that over the past decade, conspicuous consumption has intensified in developed economies.

Economics / Business - Innovation - 04.01.2023
Researchers investigate the housing and construction sector's key role in net-zero challenges
Researchers investigate the housing and construction sector’s key role in net-zero challenges
MIOIR Researchers have begun working on an important project 'Addressing the net-zero and productivity challenges: How could the housing and construction sector play a key role', funded by The Productivity Institute. A research team from the Alliance Manchester Business School and Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIOIR) has officially begun working on an important project for The Productivity Institute: 'Addressing the net-zero and productivity challenges: How could the housing and construction sector play a key role?'.

Economics / Business - Environment - 04.01.2023
Sustainable supply chains put the customer first
In his research, Josué C. Velįzquez Martķnez focuses on logistics sustainability and small firms in emerging markets. When we consider the supply chain, we typically think of factories, ships, trucks, and warehouses. Yet, the customer side is equally important, especially in efforts to make our distribution networks more sustainable.

Economics / Business - Psychology - 15.12.2022
Bots with feelings: Study explores how human customers react to AI chatbots with emotions
Artificial intelligence chatbots that show positive feelings - such as adding an -I am excited to do so!- or a few exclamation marks - do not necessarily translate into positive reactions or contribute to higher customer satisfaction, according to a recent study by researchers from the University of South Florida, the Georgia Institute of Technology and McGill University.

Economics / Business - 13.12.2022
New research project on Responsible Gambling launches at EUR
New research project on Responsible Gambling launches at EUR
A new research project from Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam (UvA) launches a 4-year project entitled 'A Safe Bet: design and evaluation of a player-tailored online responsible gambling promotion framework'. The researchers will develop and evaluate new tools for online Responsible Gambling (RG).

Computer Science - Economics / Business - 01.12.2022
Paderborn University leads EU research project on explainable artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our lives. It has given rise to smart assistants that take on tasks that would otherwise take humans a great deal of time and effort - in medicine, business and industry, for example. To do this, smart assistants require vast amounts of data.

Economics / Business - 29.11.2022
Good leadership is like sex and chocolate ice cream
Good leadership is like sex and chocolate ice cream
Good leadership is like sex and chocolate ice cream: what goes on in the minds of motivated employees Who wouldn't want a boss like Barack Obama? A leader who carries the team along, communicates visions and inspires enthusiasm. But why are employees more motivated by such behavior? Scientists at the University of Graz know the answer: because good leadership activates the same areas of the brain as chocolate ice cream or sex, and can therefore have just as motivating an effect.

Economics / Business - Environment - 24.11.2022
Smartphone banks compete with traditional banks for business
One in ten people in Switzerland already uses a smartphone bank. Although such neo-banks have so far only been used as secondary and third-party banks, they could also challenge the established banks' status as principal bankers in the future. This is the result of a study by the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts on the Swiss retail banking market.

Health - Economics / Business - 21.11.2022
Inaction could cost truckies their lives: Study
If nothing is done to improve the health of Australia's male truck drivers, 6067 lives and AU$2.6 billion in productivity could be lost over the next 10 years, Monash University-led research has found. Researchers have also found that inaction could cost an estimated $485 million in healthcare costs and 21,173 lost years of life due to work-related diseases or injury in the truck driving industry.

Economics / Business - 17.11.2022
AI tool predicts when a bank should be bailed out
An artificial intelligence tool developed by researchers at UCL and Queen Mary University of London could help governments decide whether or not to bail out a bank in crisis by predicting if the intervention will save money for taxpayers in the long term. The AI tool, described in a new paper in Nature Communications , assesses not only if a bailout is the best strategy for taxpayers, but also suggests how much should be invested in the bank, and which bank or banks should be bailed out at any given time.

Innovation - Economics / Business - 15.11.2022
’We should take the lead in this industry’
The test centre for drone and sensor applications Unmanned Valley will get access to a drone-corridor to sea, right over the dunes near Katwijk. This new flight path goes from former air force base Valkenburg (South-Holland) to the North Sea and has just opened. Bart Remes, project manager and researcher at The Micro Air Vehicle Laboratory (MAVlab), which is part of the faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the TU Delft, is very pleased with the new test facility.

Health - Economics / Business - 15.11.2022
In-depth study supports new solutions for healthcare workers
A major study has shown that healthcare and social assistance workers are twice as likely to file a workplace compensation claim for psychological injuries, compared to a similar data-set of workers in all non-healthcare industries, including construction, retail and law-enforcement services.

Economics / Business - 11.11.2022
Active monitoring needed in modern slavery reporting regime
Active monitoring needed in modern slavery reporting regime
However, the Monash Centre for Financial Studies' (MCFS) Modern Slavery Research Program , which investigates the quality of company disclosures, is calling on the Federal Government and regulators to actively assist companies in tackling the reporting challenges and monitor the quality of disclosures, rather than forcing them to go it alone.
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